Priceless flowers in a Glacier

Priceless flowers in a Glacier

Priceless flowers in a Glacier

Originally sent as an email to my colleagues titled  “Thank you Glacier”. 

Thursday morning my grade 4 child Elrike, was picking flowers from the garden to take to school. In the process I had to remind her to hurry up as we were running late. At the school, flowers in hand she gave me the traditional good bye hug and then with a mischievous look in her eye said “pappa dit is vir jou (dad this is for you)”.  I will cherish this special moment which certainly changed the value of these flowers to priceless (to quote a recent marketing campaign). It reminded me yet again that I am a very grateful person.

As I put the flowers on my desk and seeing the Glacier poster behind it, I was reminded that I am also very grateful to Glacier.  At the hospital an impatient patient across the passage was continually telling the staff that he must go back to work as he will be in trouble due to his absence. Not for one moment did I experience such anxiety or pressure. My managers actively made me feel at ease also upon returning to work.  I am inspired and experience a sense of wellbeing due to everybody’s support.

At hospital just before I went home one of the mothers from the school brought me a basket of goodies on behalf of the grade 7 parents, and started sharing about her life and medical problems. Walking out of hospital I saw a very sick child being taken to theatre.  Back at work I read, heard about and spoke to other team members about their heartbreak and realized that there are others with much greater pain than I have experienced. May we all realize that we are able to inspire and comfort each other. This was an emotional but amazing path and it would have been a great pity if I was only healed physically.

I have found blogging therapeutic.  As this is a very personal path the blogs are written in Afrikaans and as I do not want to trick anybody I forewarn you that it (and the blogs still to come) includes my spiritual path and journey in faith. Nkosi Sikilel’ iGlacier.

You are welcome to read (or not to read) the blogs. In future it will also include photos of predominantly landscapes taken from roads less travelled (or simply appreciating vistas from well-travelled roads).  In the bottom right hand corner of the screen should be a “follow” link which will keep you up to date with new posts.

Elrike in die lang gras

Elrike in die lang gras

5 thoughts on “Priceless flowers in a Glacier

  1. Wat ek nou nie verstaan nie, is dat jy hierdie al in 2013 geskryf het. Hoe is dit dat ek eets in 2016 hier begin lees het?
    Jou dogtertjie was te oulik! Diselfde sin vir humor as haar pa!

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    1. Ek het net posts geskryf en vir niemand gesê nie (behalwe vir mense by die werk) Ek het ook geen anders blogs gelees nie en het ophou blog vir 2 jaar. Verlede jaar het ek weer 7 posts geskryf maar weerens het blog gemeenskap nie daarvan geweet nie. My eerste post as ‘”blogger” was Thermopylae. Ek het toe die innerlike besluit geneem om gereeld te begin skryf. Dit was toe ek my eerste wordpress volgeling gekry en res is geskiedenis.

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