a narrative in majestic narrowness

In this week’s challenge it is as if Ben (while clearly enjoying a landscape) steers us away from merely placing our current favourite photo (which may for instance be of a landscape) in favour of a narrow focus. Indeed he calls us up not to be narrow-minded in narrowing our focus…

I have no qualms in linking a landscape with this theme. On the farm Muldersbank, in the Volmoed area close to Oudtshoorn, Western Cape, South Africa; I tiptoed with my camera out of the house as everybody (but my body) was still sleeping. It was still dark and quite cold being the middle of winter, but then the early photographer gets the early image. I was not to be disappointed – in fact I was quite exhilarated.  Even before the sunrise I could see the massive expanse  of clouds hanging in an almost perfect 180 degree line across the sky.  As the sun rose it is as if the world was squashed into the narrow line between the horizon and the clouds.




DSC_0143   DSC_0100c

When it became lighter the focus changed from contrasted orange and black hues to detail pinned into the ruler-like image across the sky. I felt alive and blessed to experience the coldness on my skin, the sound of the birds in my ears and viewing the majestic expanse of beautiful narrowness. Which one do you prefer?

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38 thoughts on “a narrative in majestic narrowness

    1. Thanks Hester yes it was quite amazing to get up and see the clouds hanging. I am thinking of doing a second post went hiking today and have amazing pictures of 2nd waterfall Jonkershoek, squashed in between cliffs

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    1. Thank you very much Mary I really enjoyed taking them despite the cold. And went I went back to house the coffee tasted excellent (and the sunrise was floating in it) :). An double thank you for the follow.

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        1. Maak nie saak nie – solank ons net weet hoe om die komposisie te doen, dalk een of twee verstellings te kan doen en (vir die tipe fotos wat ek en jy neem dink ek dit is nogal belangrik) onsself by ‘n plek te kry met dinge wat afneembaar is.

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          1. Deesdae is daar soveel foto’s van dieselfde soort goed,dat mens eintlik kreatief moet dink om iets nuuts te skep.Ek oorweeg dit om nou meer mal goed aan te vang met photoshop,maar ek weet nie of dit aftrek sal kry nie!


      1. Jonkershoek! Nou verlang ek … sterk! Ai… dis so lank terug wat ek daar gestape en geswem het! En ‘n student van Skellembos probeer vly het… en ‘n bietjie Kaapse rooi geniet het… ai, ek verlang! 😉

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