a morning monkey with muffin and milk

I reluctantly decided not use photos of a sunrise as I often get up early in the morning to  take photos inspired by that golden egg. But as I was sunny side up last Friday I went for something completely different – the monkey with 2 … but wait I’ll get to that later. An actual egg is synonymous with breakfast and we were to have freshly baked muffins and a good cup of coffee. We were staying at Lazy Leopard  Forest Retreat in the Knysna forests, Garden Route, South Africa. The amazing aroma of the coffee (can you also smell it?) justified a special view and  as we enjoyed the coffee on the deck overlooking the Knysna forests, the view certainly complied.



I prefer my coffee without milk, but certainly cannot prescribe to the inhabitants of the forest not to have milk or preclude them from only having milk…  Vervet monkeys joined us for breakfast. I enjoy 2 cups of a good coffee and it seems as if baby Vervet monkeys enjoy 2 well uh… canisters?

Many of you may not have seen my 2nd contribution to the  Narrow theme of last week as I only posted it late in the week: 2nd waterfall 2nd to none featuring a waterfall set in proteas.

For my other contributions: WordPress weekly photo challenge

25 thoughts on “a morning monkey with muffin and milk

  1. Great images. And this landscape from the terrace – is this the place where you frequently wake up? It is fascinating! Btw the company of 2 monkeys in the morning is cool! Recently my morning starts with conflicts with my cat 😉

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  2. Ahh real coffee, those awesome views and vervet monkeys stopping by… what heaven is that !! Thank you for sharing your precious corner of the world. I love reading the Afrikaans text and feel that subliminally words are sinking in. Dankie.


    1. Thanks Andrew I hav another post focusing on baboons. If you lok from one angle it seems as if youu aare in the middle of Africa taking a photo from a different a differnt angle shows actually in Cape Town, with the closest house 200 metres away. This post is in Afrikaans but the 14 photos of Chacma Baboons (not vervet monkeys) tells the story. The alpha male has a tracker and a baboon herder accopanies them

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