Fun is so wyd soos die Heer se genade

This topic, being FUN, can be manipulated greatly. In principal for any photographer it is fun to push (no squeeze) that button – especially if it isn’t your job! Thus any photo can qualify reminding me of the Afrikaans saying: dit is so wyd soos die Heer se genade (the topic is as broad as the Lords grace).

However if you have children you would certainly  and legitimately have gazillions of photos depicting fun. Yet when the fun topic was selected for the weekly photo challenge this particular activity popped up in my mind.  We were staying at Umshanti close to Swellendam in the Southern Cape of South Africa. It is set in beautiful surroundings  at the Buffeljagsdam which is fed by the Buffeljagsriver nestled against the Langeberge. (Long mountain). Buffeljags is Afrikaans for hunting Buffalo. I am sad to say there are not any Buffalo in the area currently but if you want to see Buffalo go to my post An inconvenient partnership, which was also inspired by the weekly challenge.

irisna weerkaats






I went cycling early in the morning (now that is fun) and took my camera with (fun again) and saw this metal installation which would be fun to climb up onto as it would make an excellent platform for taking photos. I took the 3rd photo from here that morning and wondered why there was a metal cable attached to it reaching into the river. I did not now it at the time but this was a zip line (not your average zip line) or foefie – slide as it is known in South Africa.  In the second photo my daughter Irisna is about halfway down. We went more than once and gathered my camera from the pick up vehicle and was fortunate enough to capture the fun the very moment she hit the water.

We did various other fun things like canoeing and the children were invited to go motor boating and I went on a micro light flight and no the last photo was not taken by me during the flight. It is a screen capture from Google Earth showing how amazingly beautiful this area is! The second last photo is the view from the chalet we were staying at the southern point of the dam. And the shared giggles is due to my wife eating a sour worm. We were hiking in the forested are next to the river after reaching it with canoes (yes I still have gazillions of photos…)

My other contributions to the weekly photo challenge

19 thoughts on “Fun is so wyd soos die Heer se genade

  1. Baie dankie! Ja hierdie is ‘n pragtige plek met die rivier wat teen die berg langs vloei. Die staproete gaan na bergpoel en waterval en met die kano’s kan mens ‘n ent in ‘n skeur op roei.


  2. Beautiful images, and I need to admit that your post brought me fun =) Until reading your post I was thinking that Buffalo is just the name of the city in the U.S. but here I’ve discovered that it is an animal =P

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    1. 🙂 thank you very much. It is certainly my experience as well, I also learn from my fellow bloggers and especially those from Ukraine 🙂 and I am not just saying that – read your post on photography

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        1. I see Ukraine and South Africa both has 7 medals including one gold each – so we have a small competition going 🙂 . Due to your blog I am more aware of Ukraine (thus I agree with your sharing and learning remark and that leads to caring).

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