Dam(n), I engineered a rarity!

I, being the British engineer Thomas Stewart. Today the rare weekly photo challenge has inspired me to take you on a journey of magnification.

  1. Photo 1 features a piece of metal manufactured in 1898 by Andrew Barclay sons & co based in Kilmarnock Scotland.
  2. The metal turns into a small steam locomotive with the words The corporation of the city of Cape Town, embossed on it
  3. and is housed in the Waterworks museum together with a lot of rare and historic tools,
  4. and built right at the end of the Hely-Hutchinson reservoir completed in 1904,
  5. which water feeds into the even older Woodhead reservoir in front of Hely, completed in 1897. See the plaque by the American and South African engineering bodies.
  6. What makes it even more amazing is that it is built on top of this mountain (see last photo), being Table Mountain and the water is still fed into the modern aquatic network. The locomotive was used for the construction of the second bigger reservoir (Hely-Hutchinson) to speed up it’s completion.

Steam locomotive in waterworks museum Table Mountain

Steam locomotive in waterworks museum Table Mountain

waterworks museum Table Mountain

hely-hutchinson reservoir dam Table mountain

Woodhead dam Table mountain

12 Apostles Table mountain

The last photo was taken from the tourist area on the upper table of Table mountain.   We hiked there (see Look up to my lens Table Mountain)  and enjoyed a cup of coffee before hiking on further to the dams. Table mountain is on the bucket list of any visitor to South Africa but if you are at all able, please hike up Table mountain and try to visit the lower table (the 12 apostles) as well, as this is the interesting part with among others, the dams (5 in total) and Tranquility Cracks. If need be contact me via my blog – I will certainly take you there. I have hiked Table Mountain from all directions and then some.

Please feel free to visit my other contributions to the weekly challenge for more interesting and beautiful places .

22 thoughts on “Dam(n), I engineered a rarity!

  1. Gepraat van mooi foto’s,hierdie is pragtig,veral die uitsig vanaf die berg en die damwal!Hoe kry jy reg om jou foto’s so mooi ewe groot te pos?Ek sukkel bietjie daarmee op my werf en die foto’s lyk so “erratic”.

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