doubling the beauty in synchronized unison

A colleague of mine Debbie Zealand has been confronted by a doctor asking: do you want to be pushed out the office by paramedics or walk out of the office like the elegant woman you are? (I am unsure if he used the last few words – but she is). Being an intelligent elegant woman but better still a wise one she chose  the latter option. The fact that she was at the office in recent years is nothing but a miracle, as she suffered a ruptured brain aneurysm which triggered a hemorrhage a few years ago. I am sure she will also follow the mirror’s advice.


My travels led to frustration and after many a dead end, I nearly gave up. I helped a wise old man to cross a river and we started talking and I told him about my yearning, purely because I am inquisitive and would like to share it with everybody at the WordPress weekly photo challenge. He told me that I will be disappointed but as I helped him (and not because I helped him) I may have the ability to process the disappointment but I must be prepared to wrap my mind around what I will hear. I looked at him questioningly but he sent me on my way. After traveling through a valley and climbing a mountain, I entered the cave and there it was!

  • Mirror, mirror on the wall show me the most beautiful place and person of them all?
  • Just for interest sake, why do you want to know?
  • I want to take a photo of the most beautiful person in the world at the most beautiful place in the world. Just imagine – double the beauty.
  • I do not know where it is and who that person is.
  • But, but you are the magic mirror and I came afar!?
  • My powers are much stronger. I can immediately double the beauty of a person looking at me and if you point me at any place I double its beauty – learn to appreciate and reflect on simple things close to you and beauty will abound… 

Abrie in a rare philosophical mood

In the first 2 photos the beauty is doubled and enhanced with the varying colours during and after a sunset. In the third and fourth photo simple birds do a beautiful synchronized dance while hunting insects and the snow-capped Swartberge (Black Mountain) where the magic mirror stays, looks on.





All photos taken at my cousins’s farm Muldersbank close to Oudtshoorn, Western Cape, South Africa.

Reality is that not all of us can stay at a home with a view like this but all of us can follow the mirror’s advice.

You can access my other contributions to photo challenges by clicking on the WordPress photo challenge category link underneath the smiling dude with the impressive hairstyle - I tried but no it doesn't get thicker with the help of my friend the mirror :)

20 thoughts on “doubling the beauty in synchronized unison

    1. Thank you Tina. Very few people read the musings, as the focus is on the photos thus I appreciate that you did. When I posted I planned to say something about the photos but then the little story just happened.


    1. Thanks Irene I had to zoom very quickly. On the first photo the Swallow dived into the water and on the second photo it just came out of the water and then they dispersed. I was fortunate that the second photo didn’t blur.

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  1. Beautiful doubled beauty on your photos. And I would agree that it’s essential to follow the mirror’s advice, and no one can ignore it. the reflection is something we produce and while we think we have the power to change it, we are already captivated by the mirror.


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