An amazing gesture by my team!

  • Last Wednesday I shared with my team in an emotional meeting the breast cancer diagnosis of my wife. Retrospectively I was informed of a conspiracy taking place in the absence of my knowledge:

Hi All,

As many of you are aware October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. As both Abrie and Sunette are going through challenging periods at present I thought it would be a nice touch on our part, as the greatest team of Glacier, to wear something pink for the 5 Mondays of October.

I have spoken to Sunette and she is all for the idea. She however feels it would be ideal that the first Monday for us not to tell Abrie as it would best show our support for him.   Any further ideas can be forwarded to either myself or Sunette.

Kind regards,


  • Sunette (whose sister at the time of writing this was terminal with cancer) responded (and this time I was included in the email):

Dear team

You guys showing up in pink today, really touched my heart.  I am sure, now that I bring it to Abrie’s attention will touch his too.  Your kindness are precious.  To me it is worth more than any worldly gift.

Your colleague and friend


  • She was right it certainly touched my heart and I responded as follows:

It seems that there is something more to Zareef than immediately meets the eye and no I am not referring to pink eyes 🙂

Thanks guys –  I was not even aware of October being  breast cancer awareness month and all of a sudden October means a lot more. A song written by Mark Hall of Casting Crowns “Oh my soul” when he was diagnosed with cancer includes the following words:

There will be dancing
There will be beauty
Where beauty was ash and stone
This much I know

One of the most well-known poems in Afrikaans is titled: “Dit is die maand Oktober” written by C. Louis Leipoldt who happened to be medical doctor (i.e. Louis Leipoldt Medi-clinic). Basically it is about the arid area of the Karoo becoming beautiful and smelling beautifully in the spring, in the knowledge it won’t always be like that:

Dit is die maand Oktober,
die mooiste, mooiste maand!
Dan is die dag so helder,
so groen is elke aand,
So blou en sonder wolke
die hemel heerlik bo,
So blomtuin-vol van kleure
die asvaal ou Karoo.

Al was die dag soos yster
lank in die vuur gesteek,
Die varings in die klofies
deur hitte geel verbleek,
Tog, as die son daar onder
agter die berge gaan,
Dan word oor heel die wêreld
die mooiste geur geslaan.

Wat gee ek om die winter?
Wat praat jy nou van Mei?
Wat skeel dit as ons later
weer donker dae kry?
Ek is nou in Oktober,
die mooiste, mooiste maand

Regards Abrie


Jumping onto a desk and snapping them with my cellphone

I mentioned that Sunette’s sister was terminally ill with cancer. Despite this when I shared the news, she asked if she could pray for me and she prayed for my wife to be healed in the knowledge that Christ can heal her despite it not happening for her sister. You see that is faith – in the first place it is in Christ for what he has already done for us in reconciling us with Him. That is the greatest miracle of all. Sickness cannot take a way that reconciliation. Sunette’s sister passed away yesterday. In a whats app message she confirms that her sister died in their presence with a peace not from this world.

There will be dancing
There will be beauty
Where beauty was ash and stone
This much I know

13 thoughts on “An amazing gesture by my team!

    1. Ja dit was besonders. Die meeste lede van ons span het vandag Sunette se suster se begrafnis ook bygewoon. Een van my vrou se kollegas het haar gevra dat sy wil saamgaan as dit sou gebeur dat sy haar hare moet afsny want dan gaan die kollega dit ook afsny!!

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        1. Dankie vertrou ook so. Terloops ek terg jou mos dat jy my frustreer omdat jy fotos plaas van luiperds en ek het nog nie luiperds afgeneem nie. Ek het vergeet ek het al maar dit was “geblik” en onduidellik. Dink tog ek moet post plaas daaroor want dit was afgeneem op die plaas waar ek en my vrou getrou het, toe my span verlede jaar ons span se afskeidsfunksie daar gehou het. So ‘n kombinasie van die vorige 2 posts maar wat nie op die siekte fokus nie.

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