Beautiful green eyes absorbing the greenery

We had a family lunch at La Pommier on the wine route between the beautiful towns of Stellenbosch and Franschoek. My sister suggested we end off the afternoon with coffee at Delaire Graff Wine estate and Lodge. I am not somebody who think that a  landscaped environment produces the ultimate beauty – no I rather prefer it au naturel, enjoying the beauty nature itself creates. However I have to admit that this wine estate emanates professionalism and taste and is indeed the closest to perfection I have ever seen.

However it does not compare to the beauty of my daughter and no I am not claiming she is perfect. I would like to claim that I love her with the perfect parental love, but no I do not believe perfect love is possible. I do however believe in forgiveness regarding the errors we all make and try to install that in my daughters.  Elrike certainly enjoyed the sculptures, the artwork in the gallery, the tour of the estate in their electric vehicles showing off vineyards planted in mathematical perfection with not a hint of weeds to distract the eye from the wine producing curves.

I am only placing a few photos, being the driveway to the restaurant, sculptures in the garden area and the perfect vineyards already mentioned.

Delaire GraffDelaire GraffDelaire GraffDelaire Graff

A post inspired by the WordPress weekly photo challenge

My Afrikaans friends is welcome to read a post by Elrike  Hebron red meer as net mense (about a cat found and saved at her school) or the English post by her dark eyed but equally beautiful sister Irisna A lot of people struggle with their identity.

44 thoughts on “Beautiful green eyes absorbing the greenery

    1. Dankie in hulle gallery is onder andere die oorspronklike van Tretchikoff se Chinese Lady. Die pryse van hulle lodges wissel tussen R15 000 en R100 000 per persoon per nag. Dis seker maar die pryse wat Seegogga ook vra…

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  1. Ah, I’m jealous. Le Pommier served the best meal I had in the Cape back in 2009 and Delaire was definitely a favorite that my friend and I were “fighting” over who’d have a wedding there.

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      1. Hmm, I think you should rather start saving. 🙂 The place is even more beautiful now. I saw some pics of friends who went there last year. I can’t wait to be back in Cape Town / Stellenbosch area.

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  2. Having read your post What is your worth, I can assure you that you will find a post by the brown eyed girl very interesting (I played the song to her and she enjoyed it) also photos of her in this post: A lot of people struggle with their identity – a post by my daughter –


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