One man’s security is the other’s anxiety

Inspired by the WordPress Weekly photo challenge “Security”

Often security measures are due to anxiety levels. My army should be bigger than your army and my anti-missile systems more effective than your missile systems.   In 1795 the Cape was governed by the Batavian Republic, the name given to Holland, after they were conquered early in 1795 by the French during the revolutionary wars. Later in the same year the British annexed the Cape and general Graig realized that the Castle (seat of the government) wasn’t very secure. When exactly the fortifications were built, is unsure but in 1802 the 3 Blockhouses featured on a drawing done of the area: the Prince of Wales, the Queen’s (originally known as the York) and the King’s Blockhouses.

Two cannons were placed at each Blockhouse – the anti-missile systems were in place! Round about 1920 the Prince of Wales was demolished and today the Queen is also a ruin, but the Kings Blockhouse is still secure and make an impressive sight on Mowbray Ridge at the foot of Devils Peak which is part of Table Mountain. The first 2 photos shows the front and back view of the King.

↓Only the foundation and floor of the Prince remain. At the time general Craig was very impressed with the location of this Blockhouse as it gave a good view of where enemy ships would approach from. The cannon is the original cannon employed at the time.

↓While the Queen still resembles a Blockhouse, she has lost her marbles I mean her cannons. I would certainly have implied something about how men age in relation to women, given the excellent shape the King is in, but then the Prince has de-materialized altogether!

↓Looking down on the King’s crown. I took these photos during 2 different hikes on the mountain. Earlier this year I accompanied 2 friends (a married couple) so they can experience the route of the 24 km  Old Mutual trail run which they will be running this Friday. The route literally goes up the mountain and you can at least double the distance in relation to a road race. For most individuals and especially couples doing something like this together it will immediately bring on anxiety. Yet while it is not easy for my friends, they enjoy these races, secure in the knowledge that they can complete it.  Similarly the photo underneath was taken when Jacques, Danie and me climbed Devils Peak (this is only the start). You can see the enjoyment on their faces, but somebody with acrophobia would just not be able to handle theses exposed heights. Doing these hikes bring to me a sense of security. You have the camaraderie of friends with whom you can basically share anything even if it leads to healthy debate.

Jesus Christ called us friends. He experienced extreme anxiety when He took the world’s problems and sins upon himself. No it was not enjoyable for Him and no He did not feel secure in what He was doing as He physically experienced all the pain and rejection for while He was God, he was also human.

About three in the afternoon Jesus cried out in a loud voice, “Eli, Eli,lema sabachthani?” (which means “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”) Matthew 27:46

God forsake God so that we will never be forsaken. May you experience the grace and love of Christ this Easter weekend and rest secure that He has risen.

39 thoughts on “One man’s security is the other’s anxiety

  1. Great post, Abrie! Awesome pics, as usual! I will have to be excused from this hike. 🙂
    I wish you a blessed Easter! Let’s hope many of us remember that Jesus died today and rises again on Sunday to save all of us, sinners.

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    1. Ek het gaan kyk na hierdie oulike uitstappie. My emosionele reaksie is om dit te wil doen… Daar is immers kettings om aan das te hou. Maar my logika sê vir my hulle is op ‘n death wish. Hoe lank gaam my ouer wordende arms slaag om vas te hou as die platform onder my sou meegee en as die platform vir ‘n ruk lank hou gaan die brein ontspan en gaan mens moontlik in elg geval nie eers sterk genoeg vashou aan die kettings nie. Maar ja dit spreek wel tot my ek het al op kleiner skaal soortgelyke goed gedoen maar hierdie is ietwat woes. Maar as jy my borg sal ek dit sterk oorweeg – dink net aan die fotos wat ek vir julle sal kom wys 🙂

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    2. Terloops na verdere naslaan sien ek daar is nou toue waarmee jy jouself aan ‘n harnas vasmaak bo en behalwe die kettings dus is dit nie meer so gevaarlik nie. Eksal dit egter steeds nie met plakkies aan aandurf nie. So wanneer borg jy my? 🙂

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