Being egged on to wanderlust

A few blog friends have urged me to place more photos even if it is without commentary. It is also the first time I do a second installment of the same topic of the weekly photo challenge. If you want to know more about Elands Bay which we visited last weekend  go to my previous post . Regarding the majority of these photos egg is a metaphor for the sun. But as I am being egged on, it is a dual metaphor. And no I am not the sun and also do not think the sun shines out of my never mind, but I do try and live a sunny side up life.

Not quite without commentary, but my post with the least words ever 🙂

Elandsbaai Elands Bay sunset

Elandsbaai Elands Bay

Frying a sunny side up egg in a shell?  Not quite this is the underside of the shell (the animal living in it – a limpet or sea snail)

Elandsbaai Elands Bay

Very young Sanderlings (Strandlopers)

Elandsbaai Elands Bay sunset

Elandsbaai Elands Bay

My youngest daughter enjoying the rock pools

Elandsbaai Elands Bay

Elandsbaai Elands Bay sunset

Elandsbaai Elands Bay sunset

The sky is aflame – the lyrics underneath are from 2 songs by Michael W Smith

Like an ocean
Washing over us
Strong and glorious
Your love has spoken
And our hearts are open

Oh, heaven come down tonight
We wanna see Your glory shine
Burning like a flame, burning like a flame forever


Lift your eyes
Look to the horizon now
There’s still a hope for us
Reach up from the dust
And call it down

Can you hear
Can you hear that thunder
Sing His name, sing it out
‘Till the sky spills over

29 thoughts on “Being egged on to wanderlust

    1. Ek dink nou net daaraan, toe my vriend Johan met met breinkanker diagnoseer is, hy dieselfde week in die Bellville veldrome opgetree. In 1992 toe ek sy musiek leer ken het was Friends are friends forever of you’re a friend of Him baie bekend. Ek en my vrou was daar. Johan met gevorderde breinkanker kon nie daar wees nie.

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      1. Ek het ook sulke soms hartseer herinneringe uit die verlede, wat gekoppel kan word aan sy musiek. Ons het ń paar jaar terug na sy optrede in Moreletta Park kerk gaan kyk. Vroeër daardie dag het my oudste meisiekind ń miskraam gehad op 18 weke. So ek het my hart gestaan en uithuil terwyl hy sing.

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  1. What camera do you use? You must have those huge zoom lens. Absolutely magnificent photographs. And a pretty daughter. I suppose you keep a shotgun. Ha-ha!


    1. My camera can shoot bullets as well… While I do not have a shotgun I have a Canon – no not a camera a canon in the garden… I cannot afford the lenses you refer to. I have a Nikon D5300 but what inspired your comment is a bridge camera Nikon p600 with 60 times (1 440mm) optical enlargement

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      1. Ah, good one! Does it look like the one in the Union Buildings in Pretoria? 🙂
        I have a pretty good camera: iPhone 6S. Hahaha! And sometimes, the Samsung Galaxy S6 works, too. My father and hubby both have cameras like yours, I think, so I don’t need one. I even end up having official photographers and paparazzi. 🙂

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