Dangerously late or is it a dangerous latte?

I am not in sync with WordPress’s midweek photo challenge (and in comments I have seen that quite few bloggers agree with me). I was thinking of initiating a revolt or at least a coerced disagreement to put pressure on them to restore it to a Friday and I will certainly do that as soon as I do not suffer from procrastination. But at least being a week after the announcement of the topic last Wednesday  gave me a title for my current post.

Sometimes when you have friends you do not need enemies. I partake in a leisure activity of which the American’s version is racket ball (and the world’s version is squash). Their are no signs proclaiming danger at our squash court and therefore it cannot be dangerous, although some people of the ilk described in my introductory paragraph in the Journey to the center of the earth do claim it to be dangerous. To the contrary – you are inside 4 walls out harms way, how can it be dangerous?  That is until your opponent (who claims to be a friend) decides to test strength of his squash racket’s on your eye…

But  I got him back! You see I invited him and a few other friends to a  waterfall where we jumped from a ledge into a natural pool. Now naturally this isn’t dangerous as there isn’t any sign claiming it to be dangerous. And indeed nobody got hurt  jumping in, empirically proving that it is safer than knitting.

Special secret detour on route to Rock Hopper Hiking trail Hawekwa Mountains Wellington Western Cape

However getting there the same friend which tested the strength of his racket, against my eye socket decided to test the strength of his big toe against a rock. It appears as if the rock turned out to be the victor in this squashing game. My friend claimed that it was quite sore and we still had 6 hours hiking left on this terrain.

Rock Hopper hiking trail Hawekwa Mountains Wellington Sout Africa

While the toe was sore he was informed by a doctor on the Monday that when a toe has the size, consistency and colour of a ripe watermelon generally it is broken. And due to this toetalitarian act he was not able to play squash for three months.  Thus although he attacks various things and may need anger management training,  he certainly has perseverance.

And when (after 3 months) the watermelon deflated to the size and consistency of a toe, he invited me to play squash again, but I decided to get him back even further. Now sometimes danger signs are erected with the sole purchase to scare the feint hearted away.

As I am not feint hearted, and as an area is not dangerous when you are not feint hearted I have no idea where this read substance on my leg comes from. Thus the one with the healed toe could not play squash the next day as 10 stitches was applied to the red colour and he was going to play against me – serves him right! I do not know if this is called chipping of certain parts of your limbs to spite your squash arm.

A rock fell on my leg

Now you probably won’t believe this, the same friend transgressed the rules of Truth Coffee by putting sugar in his coffee, and I got the blame! I was fortunate not to spend life behind bars.

But lets end this on a happier note – certainly not dangerous

Camps Bay above Kasteelpoort – no injuries must be safe


29 thoughts on “Dangerously late or is it a dangerous latte?

  1. Fun! Laughing aloud at the ‘not dangerous’ perch in that closing image 🙂 I much preferred the Friday challenge too, although I haven’t been participating for a while.

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    1. Very safe! In the Cape the southeaster blows also known as the Cape docter as it blows away all pollution. It will certainly be life threatening if the doctor is present. While it is me standing there I wouldn”t step on there.

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    1. We had gazillions of jokes about. I conveniently left out that a few months before that I hit him with ball on the leg which alsu turned blue. But no this wasn’t retribution. Was bona fide accident. In some countries it is compulsory to wear protective eye gear when playing

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      1. Haha. Better that than boring. I was once crazy when I was younger. 😂 We did wild things that could have been dangerous. Dating was daring for you never know who you’re dating. 😂

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  2. Well Abrie, you may need to dial back a bit on the adventurous stuff LOL! That’s quite the shiner you had there and the leg looks pretty sore too!!! Good to see you haven’t lost your sense of humor over it!


  3. Pragfotos Abrie, veral die laaste een. Ek begin nou so stadigaan my hoogtevrees verloor deurdat ons so baie oor rotse loop en klim, maar daar waar julle staan sal wilde perde my nie heen kan sleep nie.

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