“Talk is evanescent, writing leaves footprints”

Due to the mist we missed some views but were compensated

After determining that evanescent, has nothing do with how Evan is smelling, I deduced that the above quote and title of this post is not trying to tell me that gossiping is bad or something similar. Further research was necessary:

Evanescent “soon passing out of sight, memory, or existence; quickly fading or disappearing” Oxford dictionary

I therefore gather that the footprint quote is saying that blogging is good, even Evan (or for that matter Abrie and you) can do it. And footprints aren’t half bad either.

Last Wednesday when the evanescent topic was posted my age disappeared. That is, me being 49 years old vanished as I became 50… But it is not necessarily a negative experience:  a year being added to my life represents 2% of my life compared to:

  • 4% regarding somebody becoming 25
  • 10% of a child becoming 10
  • and 50% of a not baby anymore turning 2.

This may be the reason why it appears that a year is getting shorter as we age. Every year, life experience increases but a year in relation to your life experience decreases. It can therefore be proven mathematically that a younger person age quicker than I do…

Now despite my rationalizing (or because of my rationalizing) my friends and colleagues reminded me in various ways of this happy (or hapless) event.

To celebrate my 50th I invited good friends of mine to join me in a hike. It wasn’t the ideal weather for a long hike but then time, mist, clouds, rain and the footprints we left are all evanescent. In the end due to the weather and fitness (including mine) we did not complete the whole route envisaged – see this short post by a friend of mine Danie where he describes it: Battling Old Man Mountain (I hope he is not referring to me 🙂 )

Speaking of, Wickus made the profound statement that 20 years ago we were the knights of the round table, now we are the round knights of the table… Alex in the middle, recently explained to his children that we are temples of God or in his case a rondavel (round hut)…

Wickus auditioning for a teletubby and a Gifappeltjie. These hikes are fun period.

Very soon after the fun of the previous photo, conditions worsened and the decision was made to turn around (this photo taken by Danie)

Restios are a grass type which together with Ericas and Proteas must be present for an area to be classified as Fynbos

As with the first photo another species of Proteas

This is a carnivorous plant. It has a sticky substance on its leaves and attracts ants and other small insects. Once on the plant the insects get stuck and the plant withdraw the juices of the insect.

The aging geriatic verjaarsdagmaatjie as taken by Danie

The sun teases us on the way back but at the same time indicates the end of the hike being right underneath the sun spot at the road

The before photo – still dry (not our personalities) with lots of enthusiasm to conquer Victoria peak

For views of this hike not influenced by rain and mist click here Atop Victoria Peak – in South Africa

We are reminded that our bodies return to the dust we hike on, however life does not end there.

And this is the testimony: God has given us eternal life, and this life is in his Son. 1 John 5:11


63 thoughts on ““Talk is evanescent, writing leaves footprints”

  1. Belated happy birthday, Abrie! I’m right behind you, catching up, soon the middle ages, too. I hope you had a fabulous birthday! Did you not advertise (as I did) on your birthday that it was? You’re too shy! Haha!

    This is such an awesome post! I love, love, love the photographs! Super stunning! And I do love the quote! And it is true. The write up is great! I chuckled quietly while reading. So cleverly written.

    Have a blessed year ahead! Hugs. xxx


    1. Naturally a shy introverted person like me do not advertise… I do appreciate the belatedness though (the spelling checker tells me there is no such word as belatedness – well in that case it is my contribution to the English language). Spelling checkers are evanescent!
      I do not understand how a person aged 25 can catch up to me. Thanks for your kind words regarding the writing.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha! True! I love your contribution to the English language. I also thrive on creating new words that I hope one day will be widely accepted. 🙂 Bothering with spelling is evanescent. Lol! Joking. Good one!
        AND, thank you. 🙂 Just because 45 is the new 25 doesn’t mean I’m not 5 years away from the middle ages. Hahaha!


    1. Baie dankie. In die berge reen dit meer. Op 11 Mei het dit 50mm gereen aan die Jonkershoek kant van die berg, helaas nie aan die ander kant waar die Theewaterskloofdam is nie. Ons het nie omgegee vir die ☔nie

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Het jy hierdie “evanescent” woord nou behoorlik vasgevat en op sy kop gedraai. Jy is ń man wat sy vriende waardeer; ek sien dit en geniet dit van jou. En jy het ń vlymskerp sin vir humor, Abrie. Lekker gelees en geglimlag. Welkom in die middeljare.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Baie geluk Abrie! Vyftig tot sewentig is die beste jare in mens se lewe…navorsing het dit getoon. Perdeby kan getuig daarvan.
    Ek stem natuurlik nie saam met die ronde mannetjies nie…op julle foto is nie ‘n enkele boeppens nie!
    Pragtige foto’s,veral die waterdruppels!


  4. A belated Happy Birthday to you, Abrie! What a wonderful way to celebrate with your friends. You captured the nature scenes beautifully – a perfect way to ring in the new year. Hope it’s filled with great moments like these. You certainly have a great sense of humor about it all! 🙂


    1. Yes indeed. This is certainly just about as perfect a birthday celebration I can hope for. You join a select group in your belatedness (all my blog friends 🙂 ) Thanks I do appreciate and I trust that many moments like these are imminent

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Hi Abrie. Ek wil baie graag jou blogs lees, maar ek kom nie verder as die eerste blaai nie. Die fout moet by my laptop of so wees. Maar weet dat ek jou blogs wil lees.


    1. Vreemd, maar ek waardeer dit Danie, vndag se blog het geeindig met hier woorde:And this is the testimony: God has given us eternal life, and this life is in his Son. 1 John 5:11 Die woord evanescent beteken verganklike in Afrikaans


  6. I loved this post for so many reasons Abrie….not least of which is your beautiful photography of the flowers and their raindrops. As always you’ve included some wonderful humor and some interesting factoids as well. Your post would also have been a good one for this week’s “friends” challenge :-). Happy 50th – here’s to reaching 100!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your individualized comment Tina. I really appreciate your words. Yes it would have worked for friends, maybe I should just repost it with a different title 🙂


  7. Congratulations on reaching a wonderful birthday ! The mists look dramatic and beautiful. I visited the Eden Project in Cornwall and there is a section of plants native to South Africa I loved. Rooibos is one. The flowers you capture are stunning. Gelukkige Verjaarsdag !


  8. Jo, jo dit is mooi fotos…. die waterdruppels gee dit nog meer karakter…. en daardie mis. Dit maak op vir die feit dat jy my kop deurmekaar gemaak het met jou syfers en presentasies. Ek verstaan darem dat jy in Meimaand 50 geword het, en hiermee ‘n laat seënwense vir jou vir die jaar wat voorlê.

    Liked by 1 person

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