Care-free abundant impermanence

“Drifters, nomads, and even the state of impermanence: this week, share your photos of transient.”

The abstract challenge this week made me wonder and ponder and wonder again. But my impermanent ideas were continuously overruled by other impermanent ideas… Eventually I decided to focus on a passage in my children lives namely the pre-teen years. At this stage they have not yet acquired a fear for the lens. Maybe I should rephrase. In the teenage years they do not necessarily develop a fear for the lens  rather a fear of a parent’s lens (given all the mobile photos taken by them for Instagram). In pre-teen, natural photos with silly poses and expressions are acceptable almost preferred in the process of playing abundantly care-free, but in the teenage years due to the self-realization which comes with age, they must look “right”.

As a backdrop (and to limit the options) I chose the farm called “Pikkies Geduld”. See the end of post for translation and the reason why. All the photos were taken there. The farm is close to a small town Kakamas directly next to South Africa’s largest river, the Orange or Gariep river in an area known as the green Kalahari. If it was not for the river it would have been as arid as the Kalahari.

At the end of the rainbow is something more precious then gold – a lifeline for all of us

The children silhouetted at the river

The children’s grandfather (my wife’s father) was a small man. His brothers called him Pikkie (an Afrikaans word describing somebody small and can also mean  a little bit of) and Geduld means patience. Thus the farm of a small man with a small amount of patience (but giant buckets full of patience for the children). Pikkie is not with us anymore and the farm has been sold, showing that on this earth, life and possessions are impermanent. We are but nomads or pilgrims.

For we know that when this tent we live in now is taken down – when we die and leave these bodies – we will have wonderful new bodies in heaven, homes that will be ours forevermore, made for us by God himself and not by human hands. 2 Corinthians 5:1

You can read more about the impermanence ánd permanence of Pikkie and grandmother Petro in an Afrikaans post

37 thoughts on “Care-free abundant impermanence

  1. Eendag gaan jy terugkyk op hierdie tyd in jou kinders se lewens en besef dit was die wonderlikste tyd in jou lewe…… ag of miskien is dit maar net ek. Ons huis was so vol kinders en lewe, en ek mis dit. Daardie foto van die reënboog is net te pragtig.

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    1. Thank you indeed they do. And as they get older I have to up the ante. A silly remark isn’t funny it is silly and I am informed accordingly. But I have a good relationship with my daughters now aged 14 and 17 and reciprocal humour certainly contributes to the relationship.

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  2. Ah, everything is so fleeting. Life itself is. I feel so fleeting that I can’t seem to do anything… you know, that question: what for?
    Anyway, beautiful photographs, as always. And lovely children. My 2 big ones (24 and 21) have turned out rather monstrous. I don’t take full responsibility for the 21. The 24 wasn’t mine to be responsible for. Haha! Hubby said discipline is the key so I am sure that you have wonderful women in the making. 🙂


    1. Anne at times we all ask that types of questions but then we are given inspitration again. I trust you will find that inspiration. By the way as you are 35 you can’t possibly have children aged 21 and 24!

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  3. Pragtige fotos inderdaad Abrie en jy het my nou op ver paaie teruggeneem. My beste vriendin op hoërskool se ouma en oupa het ook in Kakamas gewoon en ek het soms oor ‘n langnaweek saam met hulle gaan kuier. Ek onthou die droeë vrugte, die rosyne met die stingels nog daaraan, die slaap op die wye stoep (met meegaande muskietbyte) en veral die kanale / leivore waar ons so graag gespeel het. Ek het eendag per ongeluk my ma se mooiste kantsakdoekie in die voor laat afdryf en myself ‘n goeie pak slae op die hals gehaal.

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    1. Bly ek kon jou op ‘n reis neem. ons het ook in die somer op die stoep geslaap. Die wit huis was hulle huis en voor was nee is ‘n lang stoep net nie nou meer toegang daartoe nie. Waar ek die foto van die reenboog geneem het staan ek “bo-op” die kanaal. Die kanaal gaan hier onder die grond deur vir 100m. Dus gevaarlik! ‘n Dronk werker het eenmaal daar ingeval en is onder die grond in gesuig en dit oorleef! Daarna is tralies voor die gat gesit maar steeds gevaarlik want die water suig jou steeds af daar maar in die tralies vas.

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  4. dropping by and thanks for the visit to my blog as well 🙂 Children sure to grow up quickly! I’ve cared for over 150 since I began my childcare career. Camera’s are an important ‘tool of the trade’ for parents and caregivers alike. Don’t worry, your daughters will be asking for Your pictures soon lol

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    1. Thanks for the visit actually the do enjoy the photos but there older versions are reticent about having there pictures taken (but then I am a clicoholic!) By the way our care giver had a major impact on our children and I am sure you have to. It is a calling.

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  5. You captured so much in this beautiful post. I laughed to think how the children, will indeed, change as they enter those “perfect” high school years. I loved how you captured them laughing. The rainbow, over the water; a lifeline and then to see your children playing shows such symbolism of life. I love your work. You captured some great photos that depict an even greater story. Geduld Be patient. Don’t let them grow too quickly.

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    1. Thank you for this special comment. This was 7 years ago and are indeed now full blown teenagers. Geduld is needed ☺. But amongst the turbulance of teenage years we have a good relationship. Both of them have contributed to my blog and the oldest did it in English, I certainly did not have these insights at her age

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