satisfaction is spelt MTB

The Weekly WordPress Satisfaction themed photo challenge made me ponder somewhat as in principle it gives me satisfaction to squeeze a button to produce images. Thus theoretically any photos squeezed out by me will do. But this time round I am focusing on the satisfaction itself and not the photos. As a matter of fact the “photos” are of poor quality. It was taken while cycling with a not so top of the range action camera and are screenshots of videos. Yet I do believe it will give some indication why mountain biking (MTB) gives me satisfaction.

This post was going to arrive before the next topic was announced, but I had a flat tyre. Actually one of the advantages of a mountain bike is that the goo inserted inside the tyres (or whatever you want to call it) prevents flat tyres – thus that cannot be the excuse. My tyres once ad libbed trough an area not ridden through before and l stumbled upon Freddy and the Awful Thorn Factory. I pulled 33 thorns from the tyres. As the air escaped momentarily the goo followed and sealed the tyres. It makes you thankful for small things (or at least that small things are being goo-ed and you are not stranded with many a mile to push).

Why mountain biking and not road biking? 

Well the goo isn’t nearly as effective in those thin road tyres… but no that is not the reason. With mountain biking you have to take decisions the whole time. There is a rock in the road, am I going over or around it – left or right? I decide too late to go over it and lose balance. In getting balance back I have lost the curve of the track. Do I brake and try and to get back on track but risk driving down an embankment if I do not or do I limit the risk by purposefully steering into a bush knowing that I will fall but also knowing where I will fall?

Fortunately the majority of decisions are less dramatic but they remain omnipresent. You are continuously choosing which line to follow and making amendments for under or over steering.

If you do MTB you will fall more regularly than road biking  – If an MTB rider doesn’t fall he is a liar or is only biking on gravel roads… But with road biking you fall harder.  In general it is not very satisfying to be hit by a car…

MTB brings you in contact with nature and new places and is a total body workout. Holding on to the handles going downhill in rough terrain exercises your upper body and arms. The adrenaline of going downhill on a single track is simply amazing. I can go on and on (but see the closing remarks).

Curving at speed – MTB heaven

A warning not to curve at speed

Which is only partly adhered to

An easy but beautiful stretch with Orange trees on the right. I did the farmer a favour and tested one to ascertain the quality…

I parked the mechanical horse for a moment to cuddle the real thing.

Imagine yourself on a bike and adrenaline with me

Yours truly on the Golden Gate bridge – apologies that other suspension bridge near San Francisco is for road bicycles.

The next person may prefer road biking above MTB and have more compelling reasons why it is a preferred sport or leisure activity, but then I am not the next person. In life I must be comfortable with what I am doing. My actions do not need a constant justification nor does the next person’s actions need constant rebuking. If I live in the constant justification/rebuking world, I am an incomplete, immature person. There is freedom in not comparing yourself with other I am’s continuously.

The Great I am makes that possible.

There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus. Galatians 3:28


18 thoughts on “satisfaction is spelt MTB

  1. What an enjoyable read – your images provide a magnificent insight to the shuddering that must go through one over rough terrain. I particularly like your second to last picture.

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  2. Dit was nou ‘n lekkerlees stuk hierdie Abrie, en aksie waarmee ek myself kan vereenselwig (mits ek nog ‘n fiets kan trap nà meer as 5 jaar uit die saal). Jou stelling “In life I must be comfortable with what I am doing”, sommer daai hele paragraaf, is ‘n gesonde uitkyk op die lewe. Nice!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wat ñ wonderlike post, Abrie. Ek is mal oor jou fotos, dit is ‘the real thing’. Jou skrywe daarby is heerlik beskrywend, en dan is die laaste gedeelte vir my die hoogtepunt. Om jouself te wees, en te gebruik wat ons Maker ons mee geskape het.

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