Elemental my dear WordPress

By this time the sleuths out there has intellectually reprimanded me for forcing the Elemental photo challenge onto the Sherlock Holmes domain as we all know he said: Elementary my dear Watson.

After careful consideration of the matter I have deducted that he didn’t say either so he could just as well have said elemental. Nowhere in the Sherlock Holmes books did Arthur Conan Doyle in fact use that exact term (Elementary my dear Watson). He did use the word Elementary but never in that exact phrase. Read more about it  @ quoteinvestigator.com .  The  quote in fact was created by writers commenting on Holmes and was written into movie scripts. Thus while we have heard and seen Holmes use the phrase we have not read it in a Conan Doyle book .  Rather elemental my dear WordPress.

Speaking of… I selected a photo containing the 4 elements (fire, air, water and earth) in one capture. If you miss the fire – that would be the fireball just above the horizon. To the left above the earth a para-glider is using the resistance of the air-streams to enjoy the view while his/her buddy can be seen very small at the bottom of the photo next to a boat. Hopefully they land on solid earth and not in the water. Or maybe this is a James Bond shoot in which case he will land on the boat (after take 53 that is…). Two of the boats are basking in the fire’s glow, while the clouds are being suspended in mid-air. 

My daughter Elrike and I wen’t on a “date” and her first experience of a Signal hill sunset, overlooking Table Bay and the Atlantic ocean was quite inspiring to her. So much so that she said she will instruct a future boyfriend to take her there. I therefore made use of the opportunity to plant spy cameras all over the place…  In the second photo the air is willing it’s derivative the wind to play with her hair.

⇑And why not throw a derivative of water namely ICE into the fold – as the fire sets the water appers to be frozen, but don’t believe everything you see. But you can see why Cape Town is one of the most popular spots on planet earth (in all the universe as a matter of fact…)

“Or, more personally, is there a place you go to feel connected to the earth?” ask one of those elemental Worpress staff

Table mountain is such a place. Above the 12 Apostles on the Camps Bay side of Cape Town can be seen and Lion’s peak is to the right.  For more photos taken on and from Table Mountain by me you can access any of these posts:

44 thoughts on “Elemental my dear WordPress

        1. Aspaai ek het net geterg jsmmer ek besef mie altyd dat my blogvriende my nie so goed ken soos mense by werk en stapvriende nie. Jy hoef nie verskoning te vra nie ek het aangeneem jy praat van foto van my dogter

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          1. Ek het net gegrap 😀😊. Maar ja om sulke fotos te neem moes jy in aksie gewees het. Pun intended. Die een waar sy haar hare flip is nogals ń moeilike shot. Ek is ook soms ń terggees 😄

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  1. Ek hou daarvan dat jy en Elrike op ñ “date” uit is, Abrie. Hulle word so vinnig groot, gryp elke geleentheid aan. Soos ek al voorheen opgemerk het. Ek dink jy is ñ wonderlike pa.

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            1. Alba I am afaid to say I do not get the “Hauffers” says he red faced. I have been saying it aloud in what I believe to be a Scottish accent but I am not getting any enlightenment with an African Afrikaans Scottish accent or is that accident.

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  2. En toe sit jy spy kameras op diè plek Sherlock!!! Geen wonder ek en my man sug van verlange om weer die Kaap te gaan toer nie….. nie oor die kameras nie…. oor die mooie Kaap.


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