Cornered? Or cornering with everything you’ve got?

At work, the employees do the Insights program in order for them to understand themselves better, but primarily to help them in approaching colleagues regarding  projects and tasks. The personality type which leans towards enthusiastic sunshine yellow wants to experience that they are being taken into consideration when making decisions, but you will not impress the cool blue with enthusiasm – give them the facts.

While there is a lot of truth in these colours (determined after vigirous pshycometric testing), I have reminded colleagues not to “paint” themselves into a corner with these colours. It may happen that you feel cornered as the task requires a different colour orientation than your primary colour, but all of us are ogres; like Shrek we are layered like an onion, an onion with many colours. We are a rainbow nation as individuals so to speak.

I saw the father of this boy (which now 5 years later is 2 meters tall) taking photos or maybe a video with an iPad and decided to do him a favour. The son has a wonderful expressive face which he may or may not have inherited from the father… He is certainly cornering with everyting he’s got. When doing sprints you must be fiery red like your shirt and do it NOW!

Sometimes we need to put on Joseph’s amazing technicolour dreamcoat and ponder and dream and deliberate but sometimes we must take of the coat that limits our speed and just do it.

15 thoughts on “Cornered? Or cornering with everything you’ve got?

  1. Ja, ons het ook die kleureding gedoen (ek is rooi by the way) en ek het kliphard begin lag toe ek hoor ons nuwe afdelingshoof is “suiwer groen”. Almal het gedink ek is van my trollie af, want sy was nog net twee weke daar en hoe kon ek nou weet? … maar ek het in haar oë gekyk en gesien, dis hoe ek geweet het. Drie maande later het almal geweet. Al hierdie toetse help nie veel wanneer die getoetste in staat is om vir hom-/haarself ‘n nuwe (vals) persoonlikheid te skep nie.

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    1. Die feit dat jy jouself dromer noem is nogal ‘n aanduiding dat jy jou reg beskryf want dromers val in daardie kategorie wat jy beskryf 😀. Maar ons almal het ten minste spatsels van als. Die by die huis en werk weergawe verskil. By die werk is ek aansienlik blouer as by die huis

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    1. Okay I will tell you (but do not tell anybody!!!). At home I am an enthusiastic creative dominant sunshine yellow. At work I am an unusual yellow blue combination. For the type of work I do analytical skills are essential but yellow helpes with creative problem solving. I have too little red which leads to procrastination regarding certain tasks

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  2. I would have guessed you are yellow. And oh, dear…I am expressive, determined, deliberate and patient. I guess I can sit right in the middle and delegate. 😎 This was a great post. Interesting. Always a pleasure to read your posts, Abrie.

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