Open my eyes to textured layers of beauty

“This week, share with us a layered image of your own. The topic is wide open, as long as you focus on the interplay of depth, density, and texture (or just choose one of these elements if you’d like)”   The Wordpress powers that be as personified by Ben Huberman

I have limited myself in this post to the beauty of a specific area namely the Panorama Route in  the Mpumalanga province of South Africa.

⇓The Pinnacle outside the small town of Graskop. A pinnacle of textured rock, layered mountains and deep valleys. We only visited the Panorama-route for a few days . Unfortunately  veld fires  spoiled many a view. I wanted a clear day for my camera’s mirrors to reflect. Remembering the Mirror’s message I adjusted my eyes to appreciate the ever-present beauty and this view was enhanced by the smoke. But wait I haven’t told you about the mirror!

I must admit I have previously told you about my “experience” with the Mirror.  doubling the beauty in synchronized unison  As it fits in between the layers of this post, thus I am “re-blogging” the story!

My travels led to frustration and after many a dead end, I nearly gave up. I helped a wise old man to cross a river and we started talking and I told him about my yearning, purely because I am inquisitive and would like to share it with everybody at the WordPress weekly photo challenge. He told me that I will be disappointed but as I helped him (and not because I helped him) I may have the ability to process the disappointment but I must be prepared to wrap my mind around what I will hear. I looked at him questioningly but he sent me on my way. After traveling through a valley and climbing a mountain, I entered the cave and there it was!

  • Mirror, mirror on the wall show me the most beautiful place and person of them all?
  • Just for interest sake, why do you want to know?
  • I want to to take a photo of the most beautiful person in the world at the most beautiful place in the world. Just imagine – double the beauty.
  • I do not know where it is and who that person is.
  • But, but you are the magic mirror and I came afar!?
  • My powers are much stronger. I can immediately double the beauty of a person looking at me and if you point me at any place I double it’s beauty – learn to appreciate and reflect on simple things close to you and beauty will abound… 

⇓A contextual view of the Pinnacle – to the right is indigenous Afromontane forest. A deep green right through the year.

⇓The Blyderiver canyon north of the Pinnacle. In summer (the rainy season) the slopes are layered with green vegetation.

⇓On the edge of Graskop not far from the Pinnacle is an artist’s home and he describes Flycatcher Castle as his ultimate work of art. And it is certainly layered as apart from his home and studio it is also a guest-house and restaurant.

⇓The Berlin Waterfall one of many waterfalls in Mpumalanga

⇓My daughter at the Big Swing (Graskop). I like the texture of the trees as contrasted with pathways and fences (which used to be trees) together with the green leaves. To see how you bungee and free-fall to a depth of 68 meters see my post  a beautiful place to throw yourself off the edge

⇓The layered sandstone is evident at Bourke’s Luck Potholes as the water has dissolved the stone and formed beautiful structures of contrasting colour and form.

⇑This tile is at the entrance of Flycatcher Castle – a statement of faith. There are a lot of comparisons and metaphors in the Bible regarding people and buildings including the Temple to be broken down and rebuilt in 3 days – a reference to Christ. What I am stating here is certainly not true of all people, but I would have been markedly more superficial without the grace of the Pinnacle of all buildings – the One rebuilt in 3 days but not by the efforts of men.

40 thoughts on “Open my eyes to textured layers of beauty

  1. You have taken me home! The home of my youth! The Pinnacle was the very last time I did any rock climbing – I realised then that one of us at least had to remain safe for our children (tiny at the time). How WONDERFUL it is to see these places again – textured layers of memory too.

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  2. Jou fotos is inderdaad baie goed,Abrie. Ek was al so baie in die omgewing, maar jy wys iets anders deur jou lens. Iets diepers. Het jy nie dele uitghaal nie? Vanoggend vroeg was daar ñ baie diep stuk hierby geskryf? Of raak ek nou oud…

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    1. Nee ek raak oud! baie dankie dat jy my aandag hierop gevesttig het. Ek het “Abrie in a rare philosophical mood” delete (of dit was wat bedoel het om te delete). En delete toe per ongeluk hele stuk en om ons terug te neem na Hester se idiome – haastiife hond verbrand sy mond.

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  3. Daar kry ek nou die sin wat ek gesoek het…Learn to appreciate and reflect on simple things close to you and beauty will abound… Jou fotografie, vind ek, doen presies dit, Abrie. Jy kyk met ñ ‘ander’ sintuig, met jou hart. Dit is ñ gawe, en ek glo jy gaan nog groot hoogtes bereik daarmee. En nou, jy hoef nie te bloos nie.☺ Geniet die kompliment, en gaan vind daardie ‘plek en persoon’

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  4. Thank you Ally there is such a lot of things to see and do there. One of my most memorable afternoons was visiting the Sabie Valley Coffee Farm – a coffee education and taste experience


  5. OK first of all Abrie, your daughter is beautiful. Much more so here than with the tortured look on her face before plunging over the abyss. Did you REALLY follow her???? Second of all, I am distraut that noone told me about this glorious place when I visited Kruger National Park for safari – what is WRONG with people??? I would have loved to see this glorious natural wonder in person. And NO, I would not be doing a zipline to better appreciate it!!!


  6. Love to see your beautiful daughter, Abrie!
    Spectacular captures all around. “learn to appreciate and reflect on simple things close to you and beauty will abound… “, well said. 🙂


  7. Hey, did you steal some of my Mpumalanga pics? Kidding! Yours are way more spectacular than mine. Your photographs make Mpumalanga even more pleasing to the eye.

    I still want to go to Flycatcher Castle. Did you actually stay there? It’s like staying at the Palazzo Hotel. I’ll definitely chill there but not when touring (again) the Panorama route. It’s my favorite place. We’re booked for Crystal Springs (I think) for end of October. Sadly, we’ll waste the Friday as I forgot while booking with RCI that we have tickets to Evita for that Friday.

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      1. Hahaha! It would be great but would you spend a lot of money and time for fuel for only Friday? If I didn’t badly need to run away from the city, I’d do a draw and give it away. Hehe.
        Ok, I’ll tell you about Flycatcher but that will only be next year. Budgetary constraints. 😝
        You must watch Evita. It’s gonna be awesome! I am convinced I am the reincarnation of Eva Peron. Hahaha! My parents will be horrified to hear me speak of reincarnation.

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  8. Ek weet rêgtig nie meer wat om vir jou te sê rondom jou fotos nie. Dit kan net afgesaag raak om te hoor dit is pragtig…. ek dink ek het dit in elkgeval al voorheen vir jou gesê dat ek nie meer weet hoe om ‘n kompliment in woorde om te sit nie.
    Daardie wêreld is die mooiste mooi….. ek voel altyd sleg as ek sê dis mooier as die Kaap… ek voel ontrou aan die Kaap en ek is nie eers ‘n Kapenaar nie.
    Jou dogter…. wel… ek onthou daardie sandsakke wat jy voor jou huis gepak het, en kan net sê pak hulle hoër.
    Nooit geweet van daardie pragtige kasteel nie…. hy is nou op my “bucket list.”
    Dan daardie laaste sin “learn to appreciate and reflect on simple things close to you and beauty will abound…” Dit spreek boekdele.
    Waar is jou eilandblog? Ek het so uitgesien om te hoor waar jy jouself gaan bevind!!!!


  9. Hazyview & Witrivier het my hart gesteel. Sonbesies in die snikhete somersnagte….
    Kyk uit vir die nuwe Graskop Gorge Lift wat binnekort oopmaak…. gaan ‘n belewenis wees.


  10. What an amazing view – great landscape and it’s truly majestic! Thank you so much for sharing the beauty of the Pinnacle with us ❤ *bookmarked this post, hopefully I will be able to see it directly!*


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