Those who wed in glass houses…

… are bound to be transparent spouses

I do not know if being married in a glass house will assist in good communication, as that and forgiving each other will deter fear, as fear kills transparency and intimacy in a marriage.  But I do know being married in a glass house in an Oak forest will assist in creating opportunities for photography. That is if your DSLR camera isn’t in for repairs and you pitch up at the wedding venue with only your Sony mobile phone. But the phone had to do.  As this photo challenge is about windows, you need to help me with this conundrum: if the whole building is made of glass, where does the walls end and the windows start?

⇓ This is a photo from inside the venue with the chandeliers and lit candles reflecting on the windows. As it became darker the impression is created that the chandeliers are hanging from the trees and that the roof beams are branches.

⇓A canopy of trees and glass, promises a beautiful evening

⇓It is the closest you can be in having an “open air” venue without the risks of weather. 

⇓The “glass house” is in an L- shape. This is the reception/ cocktails area and the dance floor is underneath the tent canopy. In the back you can see the lawns under the Oaks which gives this place a special ambiance.

⇓A modern fairy tale. I stumbled upon a house in the middle of the woods not made of sweets and cookies, but filled with light, laughter and all kinds of other goodies.

Laughter and festivities and the guests enjoying themselves. In general but especially with the photos taken when it was dark my Nikon DSLR  would have been a great help, but I think you get the idea.

⇓Underneath is a hug featuring the bride and South Africa’s national flower (I am referring to 2 different entities). It also features the father of the bride and daughter-in-law looking into the windows of the soul. While I met the bride at the wedding, Abrie (which also happens to be my name) and I come a long way as we did an outreach year in 1992. Due to a motor car accident he has lost sight in one eye and has limited sight in the other. As my hairstyle was already similar to what it is now, we became known as Abrie squared – Abrie with the hair and Abrie with the eyes.

Click on the link to find out more about the venue  Die Woud  (the Woods/Forest) outside Caledon in the Western Cape of South Africa and here you can access other interpretations of  the Window theme in the WordPress Weekly photo challenge.

24 thoughts on “Those who wed in glass houses…

  1. that is such a beautiful reception! the bride looked radiant too. by your pictures, you can definitely tell that there is so much love and joy going on at this event.

    p.s. the walls and the windows become one and the same. in a sense, they got married too. :p

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    1. Helaas ek was teësinnig om dit vir my kinders te wys in geval hulle idees kry. Dit is nie binne die gemiddelde persoon sê bevroting nie wat my insluit. Maar dis die mees “eksotiese” trou venue waar ek al was maar ek was nog nie by baie nie.

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