X-men Xceeding Xpectations

To understand what is happening here you need to read the previous post, Superhelde met supermagte wat eiers kan lê which will be difficult if you are not Afrikaans speaking as about 90% of that is in Afrikaans. Therefore here is a summary as the comic strip itself is also in English. The previous post is about what you deem to be your superpower and as I was turned into Prof X of the X-men I wrote about “my” super power being telepathy.  It is also an Afrikaans challenge. This was inspired by a SUPER HEROES for CLIENT CENTRICITY campaign at work where we had to choose a super hero team and do a comic, illustrating client centricity. I was asked to enlarge the comic so it can be read and that is what this is about. The person who asked me is Hester who also happens to be the instigator, compiler and boss of the challenge. Now while I do not necessarily listen to my bosses at work, I certainly listen to Hester!!

One if the judges doing her thing

The X-men doing their thing (one of our super powers, is to appear thinner – for authentic photos of us go to previous post). The artist Johan is on the left. And he did all of this in a few hours – we have different super powers!

The poster with the individual pictures underneath

While Johan did the drawings individually it was pasted together by others in the team. The space ship was glued upside down and too risky to detach – but nobody but us knew! At the presentation the poster fell over and smudged this part unfortunately.

I have added this version as Johan has provided me with a photo taken before it was damaged. This is amazingly detailed taking into consideration it was done in oil pastels (and at the speed of light)!

This refers to complaints in social media

You will note that hair is really overrated – and often a complaint is unclear and you must “literally” look into the mind of the complainant.

Managing the process

It is important to show empathy and not arrogance even if you are right

Explaining advantages of the an action which was taken (or if an error was made what steps would be done to put the client in the position they should be).

TCF refers to legislation on treating clients fairly. Which means you can not simply rely on the legally correctness of your documentation pre- TCF

I do believe you will see the resemblance to our CEO standing to the right of the picture underneath and you will also noticed that he lost weight.

Celebrating the conclusion of that specific  journey.  One of the purposes was to make TCF part of the DNA of the organization and not a tick box to adhere to legislation.   In the end we were in the top 3 (regarding the poster) but did not make the top spot. Doesn’t matter – a lot of fun was had.

Om die inskrywings van verskillende bloggers in Lê-Jou-Eier te geniet of om self ‘n eier te kom lê wat ons kan uitbroei en grootmaak, klik op die volgende InLinkz skakel:

Vir die reëls van hierdie eier-boerdery, om raad te kry oor hoe om deel te neem en om elke week se aankondiging van die nuwe onderwerp te sien, besoek die volgende skakel by Dis Ekke. Onder hierdie kategorie, kyk na die blogposte Lê-Jou-Eier: Reëls (2017-08-22) en Lê-Jou-Eier: Hoe neem ek deel? (2017-08-22). 

12 thoughts on “X-men Xceeding Xpectations

  1. Ek is beïndruk. Nie omdat jy vir Hester geluister het nie (wie is dié heks?), maar met die ekstra myle wat julle loop om so ‘n belangrike boodskap oor te dra in julle geledere. Sê vir Johan sy comic was tops, onderstebo ruimteskip oftenot – dis buitendien net ‘n manier om die aarde uit ‘n ander hoek te bekyk.

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