The early photographer catches the glow

Have you noticed or is it just me? The WordPress representatives are throwing their names away. No that doesn’t sound right. Throwing their surnames away – also not what I wanted to say. Use positive language Abrie. They are focusing on the first letter of their surnames. After Erica V scaled down her surname last week,  Jen’s H is glowing this week. I wonder what Ben Huberman will do next week? And this is what Jen is glowing about:

Ask any professional portrait photographer about the Golden Hour, and their eyes will probably take on a dreamy look. The Golden Hour is the time of day before sunset or after sunrise, when the light is soft and glowing. It makes for absolutely beautiful photos. This week, share something that glows.

Well this is Abrie J’s take on glow.  To read more about the photo underneath and a few of its buddies you can go to a narrative in majestic narrowness. But let me just quote one sentence from that post: “As the sun rose it is as if the world was squashed into the narrow line between the horizon and the clouds.”

⇓A year later I found myself on that farm close to the worlds Ostrich capital Oudtshoorn, South Africa again.  And again I got up early “with everybody asleep but my body” and wondered if a majestic narrowness experience could be repeated, but I and the ostriches realized it was not to be. 

⇓In realizing the absence of a spectacular sunrise I set off searching for photo opportunities and found an excellent piece of crochet. A few stitches may have been dropped but I would have given a cum laude mark for the creator thereof but then I have never judged crochet or to be random spider webs for that matter. It is amazing the work and detailed simplicity built into a spider web (this being the actual size of this one). The oxidizing wire to which it was attached and the web itself certainly glowed due to the artificial sun on top of the camera. 

⇓As the sun rose it was still not a spectacular sunrise but as I was on a searching for photo opportunities station I framed the sun in the gap of the reeds.

⇓A fiery glow in the tree contrasted/accompanied by the glow of the moon also sourced from the sun.

⇓As the sun climbed higher a mist rolled in and it turned into quite a spectacular sunrise. The mountains featured in majestic narrowness can be seen above the tree.

⇑Amidst the glow on this circular branch, the spider who spun this web failed miserably in the crochet exam. It is but one or two strands with no “detailed simplicity” built into the design. However if it was an outcome based examination the creator of this “web” would have received full marks, as food – an ant – is stuck to it.

In life we are advantaged by “crochet classes” but sometimes lessons learned from life itself needs to be applied to accomplish what needs to be accomplished especially when it comes to relationships.

And though I have the gift of prophecy, and understand all mysteries and all knowledge, and though I have all faith, so that I could remove mountains, but have not love, I am nothing. 1 Corinthians 13:2

45 thoughts on “The early photographer catches the glow

    1. ITron you rebel you, I (no that is me not you)am easily influenced. Pressure is being put on my surname by Wordpess and on my name by you. I do not have a choice Abrie Joubert is being scaled down to a glowing AJ. And by the way you better register ITron before iPhone calls a potential self driven space ship an iTron. But being a bit of a rebel myself IRENE, I have to sign off now AJ


      1. Oh, Abrie! I read this while sitting at Starbucks enjoying my black iced tea and I laughed out loud. People around me probably wondered what in the world was so funny. 😁 Love the idea of a space ship called iTron as long as my hubby can pilot it as well. Thanks for starting my morning with a laugh. Have a great one. ITron

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        1. Glad I could start your morning with a smile Itron. My brother in law worked for a company called Itron so there may already be a complication! Being a co-rebel I have taken my name back. Enjoy your day Abrie

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  1. Your photographs are outstanding. I love the sun shining through the mist rolling in and am in awe of the full spider web – they are notoriously difficult to capture, so WELL DONE!

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  2. Almal mooi maar my gunsteling…. die son tussen die riete. Het jy – soos dit ‘n goeie fotograaf betaam – op jou maag gelê om dié foto te neem? Ek vra omdat daar blykbaar ook nie ‘n te kort aan spinnekoppe was nie.

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    1. Maar Kameel ek het mos in my “Ek skrik vir niks” post gese ek skrik vir niks 🙂 wat my herinner ek skuld jou nog ‘n antwoord en gaan jou nog antwoord het al baie dedink daaroor. Hier is solank gedeeltelike antwoord. Die belangrikste is om the onthou dat God nooit van ons vergeet nie – al sou ons moontlik van Hom vergeet

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    1. Dankie ek het daardie foto uit omtrent alle denkbare hoeke geneem byvoorbeeld net met blou lug agter – dan is die mier duideliker maar die spinnerak onduidellik. Wat aanvanklik my oog gevang het is die takkie wat die ongewone boog en die komposisie daarvan maak eintlik dit foto dink ek. Die donker kolle op die geel is volstruise. Dankie en jammer vir die bekvol. Ek is ietwat van ‘n beskrywende fotograaf en moet nog besluit of ek eintlik fotograaf of skrywer is. Maar blogger en partymaal bogger is ek wel

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  3. So many sunrises, so little time Abrie! I guess Ben missed your post as his “rounded” challenge does not fit your mold. You might have saved the branch with the pathetic web for this week’s challenge my friend! Will look forward to your round thoughts this week!

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