A subjective and experimental observance of a lunar object

Before continuing I need to translate the above to the truthful meaning:

  Abrie playing with moon images

I do believe that the word experimental is sometimes used to to justify a non-professional activity called playing. An experimental activity just carries more weight than a playful activity. I admit, but only this once (and please don not tell anybody else) that I was not engaging in experimental actions but in  playental actions. And yes that neologism is experimental usage of language in order to masquerade  the true nature of my actions…

We were having a braai (that is the proper word for barbecue) at my cousins farm a few years ago and the moon rose over the Swartberg (Black mountain) behind the town of Oudtshoorn in the Western Cape, South Africa. My cousin had friends staying with him and in a flash they became very experimental. Tripods supporting impressive cameras were gawking at a lunar object. I left my tripod at home thus sharp focused images were not possible and Abrie with a less impressive camera started playing with moon images.

I actually told Zee that a post of hers inspired me (but sorry Zee couldn’t find the photos I was referring to), but in the process found these. Now these were already small versions of the originals and the originals together with “Zee’s” photos has vanished. A few years ago my laptop and bag containing the originals and a lot of other photos were stolen.

As the moon rose it caught the sun’s rays, turning int into a little sun. In the absence of a tripod I took it to the extreme and  swung the lens about with this result

And then plants became part of the act

As the moon floated higher the contrast became more effective

This last photo I took at a different occasion at my home

Inspired by the WordPress photo challenge: Experimental

The sun has one kind of glory, while the moon and stars each have another kind. And even the stars differ from each other in their glory. 1 Cor 15:41

21 thoughts on “A subjective and experimental observance of a lunar object

    1. Baie dankie as ek jou tot digterlikheid inspireer moes iets tot jou gespreek het.
      Ek dink dit is basies my invalshoek tot fotografie: verbeelding en komposisie. Ek kan meer tegnies wees maar tegniek alleen bring nie emosie na ‘n foto nie – dankie


      By Rietfontein se leidam, as die reier staan en droom,
      En gepluimde peerboomtakke bloeisels sprinkel oor die stroom,
      Word op maanverligte nagte nog ‘n sombere tafereel
      Van haat en lus en liefde deur gestorwenes afgespeel.

      Wit is die water
      En blond is die maan,
      En bly is die paar
      Wat gearmd daar gaan,
      Versilwerde bome
      Ruis in die laan;
      Wit is die water
      En blond is die maan.

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  1. A fun post Abrie – playeantal for sure :-). Interestingly I just made a very similar photo by shooting leaves through a window shade – too cold and lazy to go outside LOL. What a bummer that your laptop and photos were stolen!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love the word! I think I will interject it one of these days just to see the reaction. Ug. frustrating to lose photos as they all are a part of a story, but I do indeed love this. Interesting photos for sure and great use of prompt.

    Liked by 1 person

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