Transformed by a mothers love

This week, share a photo that embodies transformation.

Being born must be the greatest environmental transformation. To be taken from the enclosed and complete world of the womb and to be exposed to the gnarly old world out there. And what happens to you in your helpless state is the first embodiment of grace. May all newborns experience the security of love. May all parents be wise enough to educate their children into becoming loving yet independent human beings.

During a radio phone-in program a mother told the the host, that they were such a close family before her son’s marriage and he doesn’t come home a lot anymore. What can she do to make him visit more. His answer was surprising. He told her that his parents once phoned him asking when he is coming home again. He told them that he is at his home with his wife. I listened to that program 30 years ago (when I didn’t even have a girlfriend) and it made quite an impact on my psyche. May all parents including the one writing here have the grace to let go .

I am unsure of this thing called life. It makes me insecure

I will love and cherish you, I am your mother

I experience her love, I love being cherished. Life is good

Unfortunately the lamb underneath had a very difficult birth. Its head was stuck in the womb due to the mother cramping and had to be pulled forcefully to remove it from the womb otherwise it would die due to a lack of oxygen. This led to its elongated neck…

…not quite. This is an Alpaca, a domesticated camel species from South America – in Africa. My unscientific opinion makes this a cross between a sheep and a giraffe… Cross over (cars) are becoming quite popular…

This photo was taken at the holiday farm Wilgewandel close to the Cango caves, Oudtshoorn, South Africa while the newborn lamb resides at my cousins farm also close to Oudtshoorn.

My response to the WordPress Weekly photo challenge: Transformation

Flesh gives birth to flesh, but the Spirit gives birth to spirit. You should not be surprised at my saying, ‘You must be born again.’ The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit.”  John 3: 6-8

37 thoughts on “Transformed by a mothers love

  1. Ok, vir een enkele oomblik het jy my gevang met jou langnek lammetjie 😠
    En ‘n man sal sy vader en moeder verlaat en sy vrou aankleef… nogal ‘n moeilike pil om te sluk daardie een.

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    1. Dis waar, maar dit beteken darem nie dat die seun homself moet afsny van sy ouerhuis nie. Skoonma en skoondogter moet maar hieraan werk. Dis tog lekker wanneer sulke groot uitgebreide gesinne goed klaarkom en dikwels saamkuier.

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      1. Sê ek ook Hester. Ons kunsseun was die vier meisiekinders se gunsteling boet…. en toe trou hy op 35. Groot was die teleurstelling toe hy sy vrou se kant toe oorhel i.p.v haar by ons familie intrek. Dis nege jaar later en nogsteeds moet ‘n mens liggies trap rondom die klomp. Net partykeer wens ek hulle was nog almal klein dat ek hulle met ‘n belt kan bykom. 😁😁😁

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        1. Dis nou juis wat ek bedoel. Ek en my skoonma het ook nie lekker langs een vuur gesit nie, maar ek het nie my man of ons kinders weggehou van hulle af nie. Om die waarheid te sê, ek is gewoonlik die een wat die kuiers aangemoedig het.

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        2. Ok, ek moet bieg ek het nou kliphard gelag. Ek het bietjie vergeet ek gesels met Hester op jou blog…. en jou tema is moederliefde ens. My – tussen my kinders inspring met die belt – dra nie juis by tot opheffing van die tema nie.


    2. Daardie een vers word soms werklik verkrag. Ek sien dit dat beide die man en die vrou hulle ouerhuise verlaat en ‘n nuwe huis skep. Tog bly die band met die ouers steeds daar en is dit nodig dat die uitgebreide gesin saam kuier.

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    1. Baie dankie 🙂 Ek weet self nie. Toe ek begin het met die post was die Alpaca foto nog nie eers in die storie nie. Maar as mens na die gesig kyk lyk dit darem bitter baie soos die lammetjie s’n. Miskien is hierdie ‘n lammetjie wat vasgesit het en nie ‘n Alpaca nie 🙂 🙂


  2. Why am I not following you? I used to… did you block me??? :p
    Anyway I’m following you again (stalking you 😜) you can’t get rid of me that easily.
    Oh lovely post and pics btw and I laughed at your description of an alpaca. 😂

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    1. I certainly did not block you!!! I’m too scared of bagpipe players to do that. As a small I child I was told they are cannibals. Just now you arrange for a troop of cannibals to “entertain” me with music!! Recently my blogs did not appear in the reader. For one or other reason I was not following myself anymore and therefore I couldn’t see it in the reader. If I was a conspiracy theorist I would reckon that somebody broke into my site and blocked everybody’s name starting with A (because their ex-girlfriend name starts with an A… Welcome back Alba

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      1. You do know that Alba isn’t my real name don’t you? As a secret squirrel I can’t let anyone know my true identity incase I’m called upon at a moments notice to go fight the Romulans or The Borg.
        But as a clue, my real name also starts with an ‘A’ so your theory about ex-girlfriends could be correct.
        Thanks Abrie – I missed all the banter and shenanigans. 🙂

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  3. So, is that a South American native in Africa then! 😃

    I love the story. Hubby and I used to fight a lot about the whole family thing. My mother got the memo about letting go of children when they marry. To illustrate, during Christmas time, my mother would send greetings for “me and my family”. She gets it. Hubby used to fight with me because he “never gets to spend time with his family”! And that “family” isn’t even his mother because she’s in Australia. His family is his father, uncles, aunts and their families. Maybe girls transform and boys don’t. Haha! He grew up with his dad when his mother left the family. I think he still struggles with the concept but it must be difficult to move on if you speak to your father every day and some days, more than once… or more.

    I have let go of my 24 year old and 21 year old. Thank heavens! Lol!

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  4. Ag Abrie, is te nie net te ougat nie!!!!

    Dink ek moet so paar skapie-mês kry vir my boerdery, en ook een met sulke lang nekkie! en ek wil ‘n boerbok en varkie ook hê!

    Pragtige inskrywing. Die versie ook.

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  5. Your photos are very touching, and the story about the mother calling in to the radio shows says a lot. Thank you for this beautiful post. Have a wonderful weekend!

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  6. Somehow Abrie we seem to have caught the same sense of humor aka the absurd. for a brief second I actually thought the lamb DID have a long neck. Then I recognized his alpaca face and then I remembered who I was reading and it all made sense LOL.

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