Tranquility cracks – serene adventure

In one of my posts I made the statement: “What’s in a name – it may depend on your frame (of mind)!” That photo challenge was about framing your subject. I suppose the serenity of Tranquility cracks also depends on what you enjoy – your frame of mind (and in this case the frame of your body!). For me the term serene adventure is not a contradiction. There is a reason that a synonym for serene has been used in naming this area. While it has become better known, it is still one of the “secrets” of Table Mountain (South Africa). Through the years I have accompanied friends multiple times and in the majority of cases we were the only ones. Tranquility personified. The views on the way, at, and from the cracks are certainly serene.

On the way there hiking up Corridor Ravine

At the epicenter (used in a positive sense) where quite a few cracks converse

Climbing higher where you can view the cracks from above and view the Cape of Good Hope. In the background is Lion’s head, Signal hill (the rump of the lion) and Robben Island. Hiking and experiencing creation certainly gives me hope.

Tranquility cracks are a series of cracks in the mountain which resembles a maze. It is an amazing play park which (in my opinion) outclasses purpose built theme parks like Gold Reef City . In fact Ratanga Junction (Cape Town’s theme park) is closing in January 2018 to be replaced with a commercial and retail development (and it is a pity as I have spend adrenaline filled hours there with the family and colleagues). Fortunately as Tranquility cracks is not an expensive mechanical man made creation, nature is able to keep it open without any money streaming in as Table Mountain hikes are free.

It is also known as the Underground forest as quite a few Yellow wood trees grow in these cracks, but with “abnormal” elongated trunks in order to reach the light. Underneath some trees can be seen in the presence of exited facial expressions.

While some of the cracks are quite accessible, you decide if you will be able to negotiate this specific tunnel, shown from both ends… see closing remarks.

A view from above and an excellent place for a group picture

More than 20 years ago a friend and I explored Tranquility for the first time. It was amazing as every nook and crag was explored and it was also the longest time we spent there in one go (and after that we ran down the mountain not to be caught by the dark). Johan was of slighter built than me and negotiated the narrow crack (the one where you must be the judge) successfully. So I decided I must try it as well.

It was impossible for me to walk upright through the crack as my chest was thicker than the crack. However the middle part of the crack was wider thus I wedged myself into it and became stuck, not able to advance forward or backwards, balancing horizontally inside the mountain! Eventualy with a mighty heave I pulled myself forward but in the process my pants stayed behind. And then a group of female voices came closer and closer..! It was already an embaresment losing my pants with Johan laughing. Now if the ladies saw me 😦 Fortunately I was able to get trough and become decent before we met them later in the main passage.

Nowadays it is impossible for me to go through there. Tectonic plates must have moved causing the tunnel to narrow🙈

Inspired by the WordPress weekly photo challenge Serene

Better one handful with tranquility than two handfuls with toil and chasing after the wind. Ecclesiastics 4:6

25 thoughts on “Tranquility cracks – serene adventure

    1. It is and thanks and the lol did not end there. It was not completed when I posted it. I have since updated it with how i got out there. Fortunately no photos were taken!!


    1. Dis amazing dankie nou nog. En ja ek het na jou skakel gaan kyk en sit lyk nog meer amazing. Ek moet teesinnig erken dat die kayak ding beter gaan werk met kort hare beter gaan werk met kort hare


  1. What an adventure – and wonderful photographs! Yes, those tectonic plates must have been moving towards each other over the last twenty years: at least you can still get on top of the cracks to look down!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It obvious to me that you are a person with great insight and knowledge by acknowledging the obvious truth that it is due to the tectonic plates moving that I am not able to horizontalize (we do need new words) or any other method myself through there anymore 🙂


  2. Ek het hard probeer om myself sedig te hou oor jou kraakdilemma 😑 but I confess, I cracked up laughing 😀😀😀
    My skoonseun klim tafelberg… wil hom vra of hy van die krake weet… dink egter hy gaan homself in dieselfde probleem vasloop, en broek verloor.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Jy weet ek lees in prentjies Abrie 😁😁😁😁 Jammer ek lag, maar jy is ‘n tonic vir die siel. Sou wat wou gee om dit te sien… maar jy sou my nie verder die berg opgekry het nie 😂😂😂😂


      2. Weet nie wat van my kommentaar geword het nie. Wou net sê jy moet weet ek lees in prentjies!!! Sou wat wou gee om daar te gewees het om dit te sien gebeur 😀😀😀😀😀 maar julle sou my nie verder teen die berg opgekry het nie 😂😂😂😂😂 Troos jouself daaraan Abrie…. jy is ‘n tonic vir die siel. O ja, jou fotos is mooi… dêmmit ek kannie ophou lag nie.


  3. Jê die natuur is pragtig daar. Natuurlik kos dt ook ‘n goeie fotografiese oog om dit raak te sien en af te neem. Tektoniese plate – mmm, ek gaan eers ‘n bietjie meer lees oor hierdie verskynsel.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. SO loved your story this week Abrie, you are (as we say around here in the southern US) a HOOT. Love that you left the pants behind – you made my night! Wish I’d seen your story before I took the cablecar (yes, sorry. Didn’t know you could hike it!) up. Just have to go back I guess!

    Liked by 1 person

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