Cry the beloved country

37 thoughts on “Cry the beloved country”

  1. This is a very powerful piece of writing and deserves a WIDE audience! Having just spent the best part of a week in Cape Town, my heart aches along with yours. Let it rain, let it rain and rain again and again!

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  2. Sommer trane gekry…. dis so hartseer…. en jy het dit vir my nog meer van ‘n realiteit gemaak met jou skrywe en fotos. Ek het verlief geraak op Franschoek die eerste keer toe ek op daardie vallei afgekyk het.


    1. Thank you Gale, I visited Barbados a moment ago and is indeed amazing. Given the size of Barbados there are certainly a lot of famous people deriving from there like Sir Garfield Sobers and Gale Weithers!


  3. We have been reading about this and worrying for your beautiful country abrie. We visited Franschoek as well as Paarl and Stellenbosch—each so beautiful. Hoping the rains come in time to replenish. Your post is beautifully done

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    1. Thanks Tina I was going to post it anyway and was about 90 % complete when the WPC challenge came along, not my normal lighthearted post. I am quite sure you will enjoy my post Scene of the Crime (variation on a theme)

      The post inspired a “Crime book”. I was asked to think up a crime which could take place there and each participating blogger adds to the story (in Afrikaans though).


  4. Abrie, jammer ek toets net iets. My kommentare verdwyn en beland in die spamboks. Akismet kry nie probleem nie. So ignoreer maar as hy verskyn…. anders lê dit maar daar in jou spamboks.

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    1. Ek wou net blyword toe dit hier verskyn…. maar jy het my seker weer toegang gegee…. by tannie Frannie gaan probeer, maar die kommentaar verskyn nie. Moeg gesukkel…. hopenlik kan WordPress dit vir my more uitsorteer. Sê sommer “nag.”

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  5. A sombre reality powerfully conveyed in this beautifully written and heartfelt post, Abrie. The empty dams are profoundly frightening. Here in KZN we are not taking the rains we have had this season for granted. Wishing for rain for all who so desperately need it.

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  6. Thank you for linking me to this post Abrie! Your images are incredible showing the difference. I’m sure the drought didn’t help the wine economy, although I’m told by California grape growers that the wine was better since the grapes yielded more sugar due to lack of water. California was in a nightmare drought right at the end of the horrible recession (where California) was hit hard. We literally had rain (and mountain snow) of both historical and Biblical proportions in 2016. Tough times. Nice to meet you!

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    1. Hi Terri and I am pleased to meet you as well. As I am typing this it is raining. We have not had rain of Biblical proportions but is having an above average rain season. In Cape Town attitudes to water and water usage has chained completely. Glad California has weathered the bad times. Good to meet you as well.

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