An unrecognizable Face

This week’s WordPress photo challenge wants us to ‘Create an image that represents being “a face in the crowd.” …. As you hide the defining characteristics of your model…’ Erica states.

Portrait photography isn’t really my thing. I suppose it is a growth opportunity to use corporate speak, but not a natural interest. A colleague of mine was passionate about portrait photography. I jokingly mentioned to him that we can can go into a business together and I will focus on landscapes while he concentrates on portraits. He was never made for the corporate world and took the calculated risk (well probably a gamble from his perspective) resigned and became a career photographer – a successful career photographer. Now I do not know if there is a lesson for me in this… While I am probably a better fit in the corporate world (why doesn’t that sound like an achievement), I certainly enjoy hiking and photographing nature much more.

The face I am hiding is that of an iconic mountain by viewing it from angles different from the traditional “tourist view”.

⇓The trees in the foreground may appear to be deciduous trees in the middle of winter, but the photo was taken in March in the Southern hemisphere. March may technically be the start of autumn but it is still high summer and certainly not a time for a tree to be true to its deciduous nature. The trees have been defaced by fire and in a sense given the context is unrecognizable in the sea of trees and therefore making them special. You need not be a famous to have worth. But it is actually the mountain I wanted to photograph and the trees make a beautiful front-drop (if there is such a word; there is now).

The southern face of the mountain known as Orange Kloof, closed to tourists unless you have a special permit. Only 12 people allowed per day; I am looking forward to enter middle earth with its abundant endemic forests for the first time on 21 April this year.

The Eastern face of the the southern part of the mountain, taken from the “Boomslang”. The “Tree snake” was designed to give you a tree top experience in one of the worlds premier botanical gardens – Kirstenbosch. This side of the mountain because of micro climatological reasons receives the most rain, even during a drought.

The face is becoming more recognizable even if my friends faces are not. Taken from Devils peak you need to be on the mountain to see this face. The North-East face of the mountain viewed from the east. My friends (husband and wife) were going to compete in a 21 km trail run and we hiked the route to give them an idea what to expect – not your average trail run or half-marathon.

This is the reverse view of the previous photo, taken from Platteklip Gorge – from the little v shape cutting the mountains edge, in the previous photo.

One of the more traditional views of Table Mountain taken from Blaauwberg beach. Blaauw being blue in Dutch and named after the view. I purposely took it with the rocks in the foreground for a more variant view. At that moment the most important view for my daughter was the shallow water for its potential of delivering something for the net. Time has moved on. I attended the Stellenbosch university open day on Saturday with my other daughter who is also looking at something of interest (in the banner at the start of the post).

I will certainly never ever be able to think of my children as merely “a face in the crowd”.

47 thoughts on “An unrecognizable Face

    1. Thank you Anne. Sometimes creativity is needed to force the topic into the available photos you have. Must be a skill learned at school in exams when offered dull topics to write bout. I just wish I didn’t see essays at school as as I saw all other homework: cumbersome and irritating!


    1. Dankie tannie Frannie. Ja hulle het groot geword en is steeds bekoorlik. Dit laat my beenhare grys word… 🙂 Nee ek is baie trots op my dogters. Saterdag by die US opedag kon ek die opgewondenheid van my oudste aanvoel.

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    1. Dankie Hester. Hierdie jaar het ek al ‘n hele paar oorgeslaan, maar is die onderwerp my aanspreek (of as ek die onderwerp kan verwring om by my fotos te pas) sal ek deelneem. Ek en my stapmaats is nogal opgewonde om 21 April in die beperkte gebied Oranjekloof te gaan stap. Gaan onder andere by die 2 ingange van die tonnels wat deur Tafelberg loop aandoen

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  1. Pragtige uitsig op die tafelberg. Verskoon my Afrikaans. Ek het dit nie in ‘n lang tyd gepraat nie. En ook nie geskryf nie. Ek het Afrikaans geleer toe ek in Suid Afrika gebly het maar dar is min kans om dit hier in Duitsland to oefen. Hamba kahle!

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      1. Dumela. My leerlinge praat meestal arabies of persies hoewel enige van Kameroen and Ghana stem. Ek es jammer maar niemand praat Afrikaans hier nie. Maar ek het a bietjie in my Deon Meyer boek gekyk voerdat ek dit geskryf het. Dankie dat jy geantwoord het.

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  2. S for me I really like making portrait photography! I also like to capture landscapes, but I wish there would be at least time little silhouette of a human =) There is a mystery to show the small person towards huge natural resources. Your pictures are beautiful, they are smelling with fresh air and freedom of mind.

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