A story using the complete Lexis

This week Jen urges us  to do some visual storytelling with our photography.   Wordpress weekly photo challenge: Story

WOOF   (the complete Lexis)

Lexis: “All the words in a language” Cambridge Dictionary.

I will admit that the language ability of our family dog certainly consist of more than only Woof but that is the main word. There are also whining and whimpering and a whole range of different “body language” woofs. But the story really does use the complete Lexis. While you do not hear anything, you are seeing the whole of Lexis as that is her name.

A proud dog of dubious descent – a rescue puppy which impersonated a Rottweiler when she was 8 weeks old.

Cantering like a pedigree horse

No Lexis do not devour that poor Alsatian

So proud of you not to be intimidated by that silly dog

“Woof – lick” translation: “I love you too”.

Have a treat! Thanks and I love the tail on your head

My Afrikaans speaking daughter Elrike did not realize that the word had multiple meanings when she named her Lexis, (short for Alexis).  But then while Lexis is of unknown descent; Elrike certainly isn’t. I would like to venture a theory on where she got her natural language ability and dashing good looks (everything but her hair) but that may border on being egotistical…

Anyway the story is in the photos and my lexis is limited this week!

25 thoughts on “A story using the complete Lexis

  1. Your daughter is very tolerant of your photographing her life Abrie! She is quite beautiful as is her long shiny “tail”. And good for you both for adopting your Lexis, she may not BE a rottweiler but clearly she has the heart of one!

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    1. Well…. (regarding the tolerant remark) these photos were taken about 200 meters away without her knowing but I did show her the draft and gradually got her to agree that I publish it. Always great to hear from you Tina


    1. Dankie Una. En in lyn met die tema het ek my woorde min gehou hierdie keer. Maar dit is nogal vir my interessant en wonder al as kind daaroor hoe ‘n woord in ‘n ander taal heeltemal ander betekenis kan hê

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