I’ll rather be Rathering

55 thoughts on “I’ll rather be Rathering”

  1. Now THIS is an adventure and a half! BEAUTIFUL photographs – I love the one of the natural forest especially. Well, the ones of the dam too AND the setting sun lighting up the pines … don’t keep us in suspense for too long – I want to know the rest SOON!

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    1. Ek was aanvanklik onder die indruk dat die munisipaliteit en huisboners biljoene op kunsgras spandeer het want die gras is dan groen!! Vir ons hier in Kaapstad geld die die idioom van die gras is altyd groener glad nie meer nie. Die gras is altyd groener as hier punt.

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  2. Nee, nee, nee! Jy het alles gedoen wat jy nie moes nie, Abrie. Ek voel weer daardie benoudheid toe ek in die woestyn verdwaal het. Jou foto’s is pragtig! Ek hou asem op vir die uiteinde van jou avontuur…fools rush in where angels fear to tread. 😉

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    1. Daar is ‘n bewering dat iemand met my persoonlikheidstipering nie maklik ‘n magseer sal kry nie (maar baie veroorsaak…). Maar my vrou het die aan lekker gekuier by haar vriendin terwyl die virendin se man en seun my probeer vind het.

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  3. Abrie – I can only assume you made it back safely since you were able to write this post. But perhaps you are writing from the hospital where you were taken after you were recovered from the wild woods? or from the insane asylum where you were taken after going on this adventure with no map, no idea how to get to where you wanted to go, and no patch for your bike tyre (or tire as it’s spelled by real English-speaking people). I cannot believe you left us hanging in suspense – although at least you got some amazing photography out of your crazy adventure!!!


    1. Asylum? Just because I spell tyre tyre. To quote Asterix: “these Americans are crazy”. Of course us Afrikaans- speakers are real English speakers. It is a given.
      When my mother called to university residence many moons ago this conversation greeted her:
      “Good day Gotham asylum for the criminally insane”
      She was unsure what she heard and asked for me
      “Can I speak to Abrie’
      “That won’t be possible – he is in the padded cell…”

      But then all first years were in the padded cell. I will admit this is done from the padded cell, but not because to the alluded lack of responsibility. It is because I am hanging people… (in suspense).


  4. Adventurous, indeed… a little stubborn perhaps? Masochistic! Lol! A friend of mine told me they’re “camping” this week in Warmbaths. You can camp in Warmbaths? Do we want to join them? My response was “me no camp, mi amiga.” Give me a 5 star hotel anytime. I might hike… like a kilometer, no inclines. Ha-ha-ha! A lot of what you do are simply not easy with high heels. 🙂


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