The Last Post

I had a choice – I could continue my rant about the absence of proper notice and proper reasons by WordPress in ending the Weekly Photo Challenge or I could celebrate to what it has inspired me since I discovered the challenge at the end of May 2016*. Sanity prevailed and the second option won the day, be it with a melancholic twinge. Thus rather than necessarily showing my favourite photos I will walk you down Photo Challenge post memory lane. All quotes by Abrie Joubert (I think I know him) and the source of the quotes  (being the posts) are stated after the quote.

The first quote sums up my experience of the challenge:

“I discovered the Weekly photo challenge last week* . I experience it almost nostalgic. As an adult I have the opportunity to open a lucky packet of ideas and can surprise myself with the photos I am to place each week  ”  from opposing democracy – democratizing opponents

My first photo ever posted for the challenge Theme: partners     photos: 3    See link after quote

Perched on it’s face is a Red-billed Oxpecker also known by its less romantic name Tickbird. These mammals theoretically benefit from the  birds as they remove the disease bearing ticks and it is therefore mutual beneficial symbiotic relationship. Studies show that the Oxpecker may rather be a vampire than a helpful friend An inconvenient partnership.   An inconvenient partnership

Theme: details    3  photos      See link after quote

This photo captures the emotion of experiencing cold in detail. What is Sutherland by any other name – still cold! My wife and children still recall the experience (but not the cold) with fondness. The stone building resembling an igloo was the original dwelling of the farmer build around 1780 .   a study in ice and snow      


Theme: narrow    Photos: 5      See link after quote

 I tiptoed with my camera out of the house as everybody (but my body) was still sleeping. It was still dark and quite cold being the middle of winter, but then the early photographer gets the early image. I was not to be disappointed – in fact I was quite exhilarated.   a narrative in majestic narrowness


Theme: Fun    Photos:6      See link after quote

I went cycling early in the morning (now that is fun) and took my camera with and saw a metal installation which would be fun to climb up onto as it would make an excellent platform for taking photos. I wondered why there was a metal cable attached to it reaching into the river. . Fun is so wyd soos die Heer se genade


Theme: Quest    Photos:7      See link after quote

Many a nook, cranny and passage was explored by beautiful people (being the female members of the Von Joubert Family Explorers).  And after clicking the photo above the battery of the camera became a flattery, which was non flattering for me due to my absentmindedness in not charging it  , but I still enjoyed the quest, the conQuest of Wolfberg Cracks


Theme: Magical    Photos:2      See link after quote

Knowing that snapping the moon with my Sony mobile phone (camera in for repairs) would be nonsensical, I drove around to find something to photograph in the relation to the moon (just to feel as if I am part of the hysteria).  It was the signage which caught my eye. A super bright super glacier floating above the moon. A Glacier magically floating in the air


Theme: Security    Photos:5      See link after quote

You can see the enjoyment on their faces, but somebody with acrophobia would just not be able to handle theses exposed heights. Doing these hikes bring to me a sense of security. You have the camaraderie of friends with whom you can basically share anything even if it leads to healthy debate.


Theme: In and out of focus    Photos:4      See link after quote

Without this absence of focus the photo will not convey what you are trying to convey. By using a deeper depth of field and focusing on the tiger the wires between this beautiful creature and the potential lunch on the other side of the lens almost vanishes! Great photography is about depth of feeling


Theme: Texture    Photos:4      See link after quote

The looks of an elephant is enhanced by its wrinkled appearance  – can that be said of a lady? I do believe we should look after our health and appearance but if a worldview is built on appearance it is a very shallow world. Age brings texture to the way we think, act and appear. A tale of 2 textures


Theme: Peek    Photos:7      See link after quote

After it sped off down the hiking path Jacques saw it “hiding” behind the rock in the first photo so thanks to him I was able to take the photos. Jacques throws a long shadow as he is very tall (and therefore must have good eyesight to have seen the Agama…). I stole this peek of his perplexing facial expression (perplexia longitudes homo sapiens) minutes before I peeked at the Agama. Peekaboo I see you Agama

Theme: Temporary        Photos: 7       See link after quote

The aerobatic display team of the South African Air Force, the Silver Falcons gave an air show. I was fortunate to speak to the leader of the team Major Mark Gentles . I learned that this is not the team members full time job – a temporary activity – as all of them are instructors or pilots in the Air Force. One section of the sky had this beautiful zebra like (but temporary) pattern. Temporary Topguns


Theme: Liquid          Photos: 15           See link after quote

Theme: Liquid    Photos:15      See link after quote

The Overseers cottage has an amazing view of the Cape Peninsula, False Bay, the lakes of the Cape Flats and the Hottentots Holland mountains. While staying at the cottage the mountain itself can be hiked. Yes it is possible for mere mortals to hire these 2 cottages and wake up on top of Table Mountain!   Liquidity in your bones? Then walk the Water route…

The last photo is from the last challenge I took part in and I posted 15 photos, the most ever for a photo challenge  – maybe I felt the closure in my bones and therefore went out with a bang…  But it is also appropriate as Table Mountain featured the most in my posts. This being the last official  WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge post  I play you out with The Last Post.

The Last Post is normally played with a bugle by a male soldier and has come to represent a final farewell to the fallen at the end of their earthly labours and at the onset of their eternal rest.  The melancholy sounds is perfect to recall such bitter-sweet remembrances. But as this is not the end of our world, I have have chosen a different instrument the non- jazz sounding Soprano Saxophone played by Yolanda  Brown

Often in life we are confronted with a non-ideal situation, thinking that we are loosing out, maybe on life itself. But these situations bring other opportunities – it releases the magic we would have thought not possible. Now I am not a believer in magic, but I am believer in the God who turns things around and open our eyes to life itself.  A Glacier magically floating in the air

44 thoughts on “The Last Post

  1. Die weekly challenges was groot pret en ek onthou nog hoe lekker ons saamgespeel het. Gelukkig het ek myself van die radar afgegooi daar en het noual kans gehad om nuwe uitdagings te ondersoek.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Nice job…. I spent the morning looking through all 89 of my Photo Challenge posts… I had no idea how many I had posted until this morning. It all began in 2014.. I’ll miss the challenge, but I think there are other ways I can be engaged with other bloggers who I’ve been following since I began the Weekly Photo Challenge. Lovely photos. Enjoy your weekend. Peace

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for commenting Clay. I do 2 posts a week. One in my home language Afrikaans and the Photo challenge in English. While I can still post photos I will have to figure out how to do the engaging.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. These are, of course, amazing images. I will so miss the Photo Challenge. Every week I looked forward to seeing what the prompt would be. I didn’t also come up with anything, but I loved thinking about it and when I DID put something together it was so much fun! Your work is inspiring. I hope we keep in touch!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We will Dawn thanks for the follow. The absence of the challenge is indeed disappointing. I do 2 post a week. One in my home language Afrikaans and the Photo challenge in English. I will have to found a new door the the international community


        1. Una ek het nie altyd in raampies gekyk nie – dit kan op enige ouderdom aangeleer word. Wat ek eintlik daarmee bedoel is dat ek dink my sterk punt is komposisie. Daar is mense wie se sterk punt tegniese vaardighede is. Ek probeer op ongewone plekke kom of bekende dinge uit ongewone hoeke af te neem


        2. Ons sal nogsteeds jou fotos sien…. al plaas jy dit soos perdebytjie, sonder challenges. Miskien moet ek asseblief byvoeg 😊

          Ek kyk ook in fotoraampies na mense… dit is net in ‘n mens. 😯

          Jou foto van jou vriende op die berg maak my maag draai… hoogtevrees 😕

          Liked by 1 person

    1. Dankie tannie Frannie en ek het nie geweet dit word die Aandsinjaal genoem nie. Is Revellie dan die Oggendsinjaal? Ek moes self vasstel watter instument dit is. Dit is glo die moeilikste Saxofoon om te speel. My eerste gedagte was dat dit ‘n tipe klarinet is.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Het by ‘n oud-Lugmagman seker gemaak van daardie “Aandsinjaal” (my ou woordeboek gee net “laaste taptoe”) en ek glo jou afleiding oor “Oggendsinjaal” is reg. Ja – die klank is net so mild soos die van ‘n klarinet, so mooi!


    1. Thank you very much Tina. I still wanted to mention that I (again) learned the Schell as the post was interspersed with quotations. But ext time I will use a more accomplished author to quote from 🙂


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