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Leya of the Lens-Artists photo challenge asks “how you would capture cooling in a photograph? Is it an image showing a much-needed, cooling swim? Or is it maybe a giant ice-cream on the beach, or a dog in a bucket of water in your back yard?”

⇓My daughter recently flew the coup for a week and took this photo at Pretoria Zoo. The flamingos are ready to cool down in the water in front of them should the need arise. Elrike tried her best to get me to buy her an iPhone before she left as the phone she has does not take proper photos (translation: it was not cool enough). I valiantly resisted her attempts, brave soldier that I am. I dare say the uncool phone produces pretty cool images.

However the need for cooling is unlikely to arise, as it is winter in the Southern hemisphere. Like a lot of other Lens-Artists, I do not just plonk a few photos onto the web, but quality, content and the theme is taken into consideration. This time round though I am using poetic licence to stretch the theme of cooling by asking what makes you cool.  For a teenager it is more important to be cool than it is for their parents – thank goodness, being cool is hard work especially the cool I am referring too. This story is about a teenager (lots of them actually) but with specific focus on my daughter, Elrike.

On Friday evening I received a message from her stating the following:

We have won with 97%

Her message triggered an uncool reaction (if I was a cowboy), I became emotional (okay I cried) and it made me long to be with her:

As it was the first time the choir took part in an international competition they had to qualify. The song Ritmo is part of their repertoire. When they sang it for qualification, the Spanish judge stood up and applauded. That should probably have been an indication of things to come. They had to keep their cool and it can be deducted from her message that it was quite a surprise, a joyous one, as it was followed with messages filled with all the  celebratory emoticons imaginable. My child has a passion for all things art and this would be an absolute inspiration for her. In that moment I was able to step into her moccasins (she does look a little like Pocahontas).

An extract from Ritmo

Cantaremos con gozo.
     We will sing with joy.
Con amor y esperanza.
     With love and hope.
Cantaremos de paz.
     We will sing of peace.
Cantaremos de amor.
     We will sing of love.
Cantaremos con alegria y con gozo.
     We will sing with happiness and with joy.

⇑Photo provided – in front of the Union buildings in Pretoria (Tswane). South Africa. Apart from the more substantial advantages choir members have become cool. Thus Northern hemisphere to be cool, start a choir!

⇓For somebody who isn’t a frequent flyer being photographed on Cape Town airport is cool doubly and cool if you are photographed with internationally acclaimed comedian and South African celebrity Marc Lottering. Call me selfish but I did not remark to Marc: “one day when I am big I am going to have hair like yours”. He will will probably use it in one of his shows and become rich(er) using my joke!

At the Choir village in Pretoria where entertainment was offered for choir members

Elrike was very impressed with the larger than life statue of Nelson Mandela. I think it is quite cool having produced such a leader in South Africa. Tomorrow (18 July) Mandela would have been 100 years old. There is a lot of practical celebrations aimed at community upliftment. Mandela did not commission this massive statue, it was not what he was about. For me one of the most remarkable things about him was that he was a one-term African leader. He did  not need to cling to power – his strength was not in power, his stature not in the size of monuments (or the fierceness of his twitter messages, for that matter).

Cool parents await their cool children, in the presence of a cool father, who made a cool poster

And the triumphant smiling choir arrives with Bellville High school flags being waved. Elrike is in the middle of the photo

⇑Proud parents whose sons’ are the epitome of coolness. They reminded me of Andre Joubert, a Springbok rugby player of yesteryear who used to score excellent tries (but it did not convert his face into a smile, da man was just too cool). But these 2 can smile – they were probably scared of me 🙂

⇓Teacher Zonika Wasserman savouring the moment. While not the conductor she is responsible for the logistics, quite a job for a 100 member choir. Her husband (and member of the High School Bellville symphonic wind orchestra) is next to her. The school  flags waving rapidly adds a transparent layer.

Let’s change our Ritmo and let our life rhythms sing of hope, peace, love and joy. Such a cool song will a-choir greatness.

“For you shall go out with joy,
And be led out with peace;
The mountains and the hills
Shall break forth into singing before you,
And all the trees of the field shall clap their hands.” Isaiah 55:12

Please join  the Lens-Artists journey, this week hosted by Leya.

53 thoughts on “aCHOIRing coolness

    1. Dankie Toortsie die punt wat hulle behaal het …! Elrike het my vertel dat die dirigent Hannelize du Plessis (wat ook die skoolhoof se vrou is) ‘n puik afrigter is. Sy inspireer hulle. Sy maak sing lekker al druk sy hulle om ‘n hoe standaard te handhaaf. Vir so groot koor kan dit nie maklik wees nie.
      Vir die wat nog hier lees gaan kyk ook by Toortsie se blog vir nog inligting oor die koorspele.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. This post is so cool Abrie
    I had to look twice at the photo of the Madiba statue though, at 1st I thought “Why does Madiba have a man-bun” Very cool indeed. Then I realized my eyes are for sure deceiving me


  2. Hier sit ek met trane in my oë terwyl ek lees, Abrie. Ek kan net dink hoe trots julle almal op jul skool se oorwinning is, maar meer nog, hoe jy voel omdat jy presies weet wat hierdie vir jou kind beteken.


    1. En jy is die colste Kameel wat ek ek ken en nee ek was nog nie op die maan, maar my kamera se lens was al. Dankie Kameel. En my ander dogter is hierdie jaar in matriek – matriekafskeid! Ek is gevra om haar amptelik fotograaf te wees. Sal haar ook kom wys.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ooòoo dis ‘n voorreg om jou dogter se fotograaf te wees vir hierdie groot geleentheid. Maak op vir die beursie wat bietjie platter gaan wees om haar in ‘n droomprinses te verander. Dis ‘n gulde geleentheid Abrie, en die fotos wil ek baie graag sien!!!

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Abrie, I absolutely loved this. I loved your interpretation of “cool”, and while I laughed through most of this, I cried WITH you on parts. Clearly your pride of your daughter is reflected in your writing. Can’t say enough what a fun read this was. Donna. A lucky family to have you as their patriarch.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Nou’t ek lekker daar in Belville saam met julle gekuier.
    (Ek het in my hoërskool jare in Oakdale gebly… nie my skuld nie! Skool gegaan by Settlers High… belowe!)


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