Patterns of the heart

Mystery woman of numerous names Leya and member of the  esteemed Lens-Artists quartet inspires us to share:

your interpretation of patterns— open your eyes and find new ones! In your own home, outdoors, man made or natural… Use your curiosity and creativity!

Leya please add: your daughter’s curiosity and creativity, as that is what I am doing. I must stress that at the time of her producing this, she was 11 years old and very close to the end of the father hero cycle. Not a product of my parenting skills. Yet I treasure this wrapping paper which she made and wrapped the Father’s day gift in.  I do not have the faintest idea what the gift itself was, just cannot remember. The wrapping paper simply overshadowed it. It must have taken her hours.

“Professional” patterns (construction, computer programming, mathematics) tend to be precise,  predictable even predestined i.e. a bridge being built from the design on the blueprint. Parenting is not such an exact science. I once did a course on financial instruments where the lecturer made this statement: An astronomer can predict exactly  where a specific star will be in the night sky at 10pm. He cannot say the same about his daughter…

I trust you have empathy with me, I have 2 teenage daughters!!


Translation: Jesus is dad’s wings, all that dad has to do is fly!

Count the hearts

Count the squares and triangles

Precise , predictable and predestined patterns

I love you from the moon and back patterns

Elrike uses the P of pa to describe me (in Afrikaans). These are not parenting characteristics, these are human characteristics and unfortunately not always present

PaPappa – Dad daddy
Prettig – Fun
Plesierig – Jolly
Praat saam – Talks with

I conclude with another pearl of the lecturer during the course I mentioned earlier. Economist’s tend to analyze and theorize and when asked an opinion the answer is often: on the one hand… but on the other hand. For the average Joe wanting a specific answer, this multiplicity of answers, does not help. Give me a one handed economist!

Maybe that is sometimes how our children feel, when our tiredness, moods or own agenda may lead to inconsistent parenting: give me a one handed parent!

Elrike lists 6 Bible verses, I quote 2

A cheerful heart is good medicine,
but a crushed spirit dries up the bones. Proverbs 17:22
And over all these virtues put on love,
which binds them all together in perfect unity. Colossians 3:14

57 thoughts on “Patterns of the heart

  1. Abrie, whatever you lack in parenting skills you make up for with love. This is one of the sweetest things ever!! First, her pouring such love into it and second it’s meaning so much to you. If I were you I’d frame and hang it.

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    1. Thanks Tina in a way I have framed it by blogging about it (it was a draft blog way back already). Unfortunately the black 🖤 has faded as it was drawn 3 years ago but I will keep your suggestion in mind

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  2. Wonderful! I love the wrapping paper and can see why you’ve kept it. You could frame it and hang it as art on your wall, for it is truly art. Is she an artist today?

    And what is that thing that is being built? A building or a bridge? Or something else?

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  3. This is so beautiful Abrie and I agree that framing it will preserve it, even if you do not want to hang it on the wall. Your daughter has created this with so much love and so much thought, it is a true gem and so is she 🙂


  4. I completely agree with Tina – frame it and hang it on your wall! Even if it stays in your heart forever, it will be a gem on your wall for others to love as well! It warms my heart and soul, Abrie – you are a very loving father –
    And thank you also for teaching us some Afrikaans!

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    1. Hi mystery lady thanks for the comment. I am certainly under blogging peer pressure as some of the Afrikaans bloggers echoed the framing sentiment. Regarding the Afrikaans, next time I will post a bilingual dictionary 🙂


  5. Wonderful post, Abrie. Your daughters’ love is so touching. And I love this quote: An astronomer can predict exactly where a specific star will be in the night sky at 10pm. He cannot say the same about his daughter…

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  6. Lovely post about your daughter and patterns and being a teenagers father. It is easier to predict the stars than a teenager! I bet you’re a great dad.

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