The most beautiful flower in my garden

Amy of the esteemed Lens-Artists quartet and this weeks host, posted some beautiful everyday happenings in a Dutch village and inspires us to post our own interpretation of everyday images.

Everyday since this challenge was promoted it triggered a preponderance of pondering, pertaining to which mental opinion should be prepared for the purpose of posting  (I agree the alliteration is pforced).

Sometimes I know within seconds what I will post and at other times I have to sleep over it, for ideas to form and ripen. Everyday being one of those.  The images in question are “traditional” printed photos (do you still remember those…).  When digital photography came the fore Kodak had an advertisement: “it is not a photo until you print it…” With all due respect Kodak that remark is outdated – hence they don’t use it anymore (or their cameras).  The remark has been taken over by the contemporary pixelprinter website with all kinds of excuses why it should be printed (and to use them for the purpose of course).

Well I have a updated jingle for you:

“A printed photo is not in a challenge until it is digitised”.
Abrie Joubert anno Domini 2018

When we bought our first property I experienced the freedom (and responsibility) of gardening. At the time the garden only boasted a few unkempt shrubs (no it didn’t boast). No flowers, no landscaping, lots of weeds and overgrown shrubs. For a period despite a limited budget I was really inspired to create a garden. Daily I either read up on the correct fertilizer to alternatively trigger root growth, abundance of flowers or healthy foliage or spent time digging up and moving plants to get a better “composure” i.e. grouping or layering plants and the digging up included plants of friends who were building and didn’t have room for the plants anymore.   Even in evenings I worked under artificial light literally everyday until the beginnings of something was established

I had very specific before and after pictures, which alas I can’t find but I do have “coincidental” pictures featuring my eldest daughter 16 years ago. Due to events happening in her life, I have recently blogged about my younger daughter a few times, thus only fair that the eldest one Irisna is featured.

Trees and plants always look like the people they live with, somehow.
Zora Neale Hurston

Big girl Irisna feeding the birds

⇑The partly green painted concrete slab in front of the wall was initially 2.5  meters from the wall and sand filled this area. In other words the area where Irisna is standing was covered with another foot deep of sand. Moved the slabs close to the wall and spread literally tons of sand evenly over the grass.

⇓This is to the left of the photo above (thus part of the area covered in the extra foot of sand). Apart for the treelike shrub poking out on the left there were not any plants except weeds.

⇑The Yucca a friend and I carried for about 300 meters, from his house – it found a new home in my garden.

⇓This palm I moved about 8 meters to left in my own garden. Was quite a job digging it out to keep the roots intact in the sand to ensure a successful replant.

⇑Irisna is standing in front of the replanted palm and Yucca as well a a few  Cordylines. This area was overgrown with a massive but virus infected climbing rose which my wife and I removed (painfully so) and burned (take that thorns). The island in the front of the picture also did not exist and the tree stumps used as a focus point I picked up somewhere in the veld.

⇓As the word Iris is part of Irisna’s name we made sure to plant Irises ,which are blooming here in the mentioned island. But her name is not pronounced like you would pronounce it in English.

Irisna approximately 16 years ago. I cannot remember the how and why of the blue hands (makes me worried) but certainly colour all over.

A picture of a proud 18 year old Irisna, taken on Wednesday by the instructor after passing her driver’s licence. In South Africa you need to be 18 to get a licence. What do you think she wants to do everyday now that she has a license? Tomorrow is her Matric farewell dance – big week for my daughter. My life was relatively stress free and simple, but that was before she appointed me as the photographer…!!! My love for gardening has faded  – my love for my daughters have grown, certainly an everyday activity.

14 thoughts on “The most beautiful flower in my garden

  1. Despite your pforced poetic pondering your pfost made me smile as usual Abrie. Your daughter is a ray of sunshine and I am sure she loves you back despite your making her dip her hands in pfaint. Your garden is lovely – your daughter even more so. Make sure your auto insurance is up-to-date!!

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  2. What a lovely spot you’ve created in your backyard with wonderful memories. I love the photos of your daughter. Beautiful memories, Abrie. Your love of your children is so wonderfully expressed. It’s harrowing when your kids start to drive, isn’t it?? But they must leave “the nest” in order to be true adults. Our son, who was a “homebody” until he was 18, has lived in 3 different places since graduating college!

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