“Awww” – ‘nough said

A good friend of mine, who I have never met, is this weeks moderator for the lens-artist challenge. Tina Scnell brings some colour into our lives with her amazing photography (actually she brings some color but I have translated it to global…). She inspires us by:

To some, each day brings a struggle to see beyond the darkness. For the rest of us, it is important to find moments of joy. We are surrounded by all of the colors of the rainbow, but it’s up to us to recognize and appreciate them. Remember, gratitude is recognized as one of the most important elements of a balanced, contented life. So go ahead – find some colorful captures to make us smile.

In the presence of such wisdom and given the natural radiance and vibrancy of the subject I photographed, I for a change apart from acknowledging my gratitude will say very little. My words will detract from the visuals underneath. This weekend was my daughter’s Matric (final year at school) farewell dance. Two month’s ago my simple and stress free (I wish) life, became labyrinthine as my daughter appointed me as her photographer to this special event. It appears as if things have worked out though – how can I not echo my daughters gratitude? See translation underneath.

The photos are sooo beautiful dad, thank-you thank-you thank-you!
Pleasure my darling, you make the photos beautiful

My gratitude is in the first place for Irisna – her beauty is not superficial. Please read this short post by her and you will realize why: A lot of people struggle with their identity. My daughters will always be more vibrant than photos taken of them.

And by the way last week my post did not appear in the Reader so if you want to view the 18 year old as a 2 year old: The most beautiful flower in my garden 

37 thoughts on ““Awww” – ‘nough said

  1. Dis die mooiste mooi fotos Abrie. Irisna is pragtig en dat die fotograaf-pappa die fotos met liefde geneem het, is duidelik. Jy het ‘n besonderse band en verhouding met jou kinders. Alles van die beste vir Irisna se toekoms.


    1. Baie dankie Hester dat was wonderlik om die fotos te neem en betrokke te wees in die matriekafskeid “geraas”. Ek her ‘n naweek voor die week gaan fotos neem van die plekke waar hulle kon afneem en daar was ‘n 100% voorspelling vir reen die middag. Ek moes dus ‘n back-up binneshuise venue ook kry. Gelukkig was die reen ons genadig

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  2. I love that your beautiful daughter trusted you with this awesome responsibility Abrie and thankfully you did not disappoint! I also loved the linked post. Your girls are clearly very bright and thoughtful. If I wanted to kid you I’d say they must take after their mother but clearly they are much like their very loving dad. Lucky you and lucky them!!


    1. Yes Tina, she trusts me more with the camera than I trust myself!
      Yes the are indeed bright – must take after after there mother, but as for appearance, moi must be moi 🙂 🙂


  3. Ongelooflike mooiste mooi foto’s van die pragtigste paartjie! Jou dogter is absoluut pragtig. Sy kan omtrent bly wees oor hierdie besondere foto’s. Ek het nie ‘n enkele foto van my matriekafskeid nie en dis baie hartseer.


  4. “Awww” says it best 🙂 . Gorgeous girl, lovely photos. It’s great that you got to share this special occasion with her (you must be a very cool dad). Congratulations, Abrie!


    1. Thank you Anne it was certainly a special moment. As well as choosing the venue and preparing. She was the only Matric (200 plus in standard) with this venue which was also special for her


  5. You took remarkable photos of your beautiful daughter, Abrie! Your daughter wanted you to be part of her a very special day, that is so sweet. Thank you for sharing with us.

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      1. Uit die mond van ‘n pa!!!! 😊 Toemaar Abrie, daar is ‘n band tussen ‘n pa en sy dogters wat “klonge” nie kan breek nie.


  6. Hi Abrie, your daughter is so beautiful. I can understand you had a hard time choosing the photos to post. All of them are precious. I agree with her trust in you as a photographer. You did a fantastic job with all the shots. Congratulations to the couple. Thank you for sharing!

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  7. You did a freat job and your “canvas” (daughter) is so beautiful. She is blessed to have you. Photos are amazing.



    1. Thank you Tammy the fatherly thing is to say I am blessed to have her but I think the correct thing to say is that we are blessed to have each other. I am sure you will enjoy what she wrote 2 years ago about is more important to know yourself or know God. Link at bottom of this post


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