Beauty in small sips and snaps

This week I am honouring Amy of the esteemed Lens-artist quartet by sharing a profound wisdom:

taking small sips from tiny cups enhances beauty.

Amy is looking forward to see our interpretations of “small is beautiful”.

Beautifully espresso’d

In the past few years I have taken a fair amount of cuteness overdrive photos relating to tiny animals, thus I was ready, but then the above image fell into my head. I blame it all on my colleague. At that stage she was a director, but as she is not with our company anymore, she cannot fire me! This was taken at Hillcrest  wine estate and restaurant, Durbanville, Western Cape during a team luncheon.

In between a rock and Heaven

⇑The rock outsizes the girl and is in turn out sized by its resting place, Table Mountain. (unfortunately I couldn’t find a big enough computer screen to show the mountain as well). But hey the beauty on top is my daughter.

⇓The light at the end of the tunnel (white dot) appears extremely small. But around it the natural colours are amazing. You are in the Woodhead tunnel – this time inside Table Mountain. A disused tunnel 750 meters in length, completed in 1891. I am still to do a post focusing on the experience inside the tunnel but you can read more about it in a different post of mine:  LIQUIDITY IN YOUR BONES

  • Important note: you need a small waist like mine (cough cough) otherwise you won’t be able to fit through the hole in the entrance… As you are inside the tunnel at the moment, you may be stuck!

    Inside a rock – it’s heaven

Harbouring serenity

⇑The small harbour  in the quaint village of KalkBay, on the not so small Cape Peninsula. The South Easter also called the Cape doctor (blowing away smog and impurities to clear the skies and make way for some fresh sea air) is evident in the white foam on top of the choppy waves. However the boats are harbouring serenity in their mirror-like protected world.

⇓The photo underneath appears to be a small but possibly overpopulated island somewhere in the East. It is in fact a suburb of Cape Town photographed from Lion’s Head and has a very defined building line separating the suburban area (Bantry Bay, Fresnaye, Three Anchor Bay) and Table Mountain National Park. South of the “island” is the foothills of Lion’s Head and to the north the Atlantic ocean.

Harbouring night life

A real unicorn

No it is not clichéd, truth is stranger than fiction. A lot is made of the Unicorn supposedly being a white horse with one horn of Eastern descent. But such a unicorn is purely mythological. In fact in Afrikaans when you refer to something that won’t ever happen you say “as die perde horings kry” (if horses grow horns). While the actual unicorn may not be as flashy as the mythical one, it is real.

The Unicorn is a small antelope species known as the Klipspringer (rock jumper). It can jump the highest of any antelope. Unfortunately I did not see it jump, thus photographing a flying Unicorn is on my bucket list. It is also very fast. In fact right in front of your eyes without you even noticing the Unicorn on the right just moved over to the middle while some world class Unicorn derriere can now be seen to the right of it. The round rock right next to the Unicorn is actually the rounded back of another Klipspringer. Taken on top of the Swartberge between Oudtshoorn and Prince Albert

Cortado in Tribe

I took small sips from this Cortado (2 shots of espresso covered with non-steamed milk) at Tribe in BMW Motorrad and it tasted beautifully

What a beautiful sight it is to see messengers coming with good news! How beautiful to see them coming down from the mountains with a message about peace! How wonderful it is when they bring the good news that we are saved! How wonderful when they say to Zion, “Your God rules!”  Isaiah 52:7 

44 thoughts on “Beauty in small sips and snaps

  1. Well Abrie you’ve given as quite a variety this week!! Happily I’ve been to Cape Town, been to Table Mt (yet, saw fog flow over the top—check!, and seen the “unicorn” jumping (sadly no photo tho). Now all I have to do is meet your daughter and I’ll be all set!!


    1. Indeed a case of excessive eclecticism. The photos of the antelope I took in the Southern Cape. If you saw them on Table Mountain you are fortunate. Their were non-indigenous Thar on the mountain which were seen regularly but the controversial decision was taken to hunt them as the park is becoming a total indigenous area


  2. Wow, Abrie. What a lovely gallery. I love espresso. One shot is good for me. These days I can’t drink black coffee so I need cream. I almost missed the girl on the tip of the rock, a nice photo to show small. The small light at the end of the tunnel is proven the point the light is revealed the best in the dark. I enjoy all the photos.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Miriam. It is interesting that though espresso tastes stronger due to fact that it is roasted longer, it has less caffeine than lighter roasts. Caffeine escapes (burned away) when coffee is roasted.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Pragtige fotos!
    Inside a rock – it’s heaven- Jy het deur gepas met jou Kamera ook.
    Harbouring serenity- Ek kan die see amper ruik.
    Harbouring night life- Wow! Het jy ‘n driepoot gebruik?


  4. Soos altyd baie geniet….en slimmer geword. Nie geweet ‘n klipspringer word ‘n unicorn genoem nie. Lief daardie foto van jou dogter… weet net nie hoe sy daarbo gekom het nie.

    Liked by 1 person

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