Pak my vlerke in – op ys – hiberneer Ω packing in my wings – on ice – hibernating

For English see underneath photos.

Met ‘n huiwering lig ek julle in dat ek nie in die volgende paar maande sal blog nie. Ek hoop dat wanneer ek terugkeer dit met hernieude ywer en passie sal wees en ek die vriendskappe kan herstel.

Geseënde Kersfees en spandeer ‘n wonderlike tyd saam met familie en vriende – blog daaroor!! Aan die “Towerinne” en al my ander vriende geniet julle blogs en mekaar.

pak my vlerke in Ω packing in my wings

op ys Ω on ice

‘n ou hond soos ek kort hibernerende introspeksie Ω an old dog like me needs hibernating introspection

It is with reluctance that I inform you that I will not be blogging in next few months. I hope I will return with passion and that I will be able to re-establish friendships, but for now it is it, effectively a sabbatical.

I wish you a blessed Christmas and an amazing time spent with family and friends – do blog about it! To the esteemed LensArtist quartet and all my other friends enjoy your blogs and each other.

27 thoughts on “Pak my vlerke in – op ys – hiberneer Ω packing in my wings – on ice – hibernating

  1. We will definitely miss you Abrie. I hope you are ok and are with friends and family. Wishing you a safe, wonderful holiday

    Come back when you can!
    Your esteemed friend Tina


  2. There comes a time when we need the time to spend time with those whom we love (including ourselves) and time to regenerate, to get a new perspective on where we are and where we intend going. I wish you well with your time, with your family time, with your own time, and I hope when all is said and done, that you will return feeling whole and refreshed.


  3. Hope you are enjoying your break and may God bless you and keep you safe in all areas.
    And I have taken many breaks – some well planned out, others forced (always God led) and it always worked out – so enjoy your break
    And sometimes the blog world can be a vortex and might rob of us what God wants us to be doing – so fasting (or breaks) are crucial

    And Amy Maranto once told me “the blogosphere will always be there” and I have had to rebuild my blog before but it always works out (and remember God knows the future as clear as we know the past – he knows the number of hairs on your head – he knew this break would need to happen – and he knows your return date- )
    Take care


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