Taking a break or breaking the silence?

Tina of the esteemed Lens-Artist quartet (how I missed typing that) reminds us that children in the USA are out of school and many families are in the midst of their hard-earned vacations, or at least a relaxing stay-cation. So let’s follow their lead and respond to this week’s challenge by showing how we and/or others “Take A Break”.


With English being my second language, I have suffered the odd indignation where my understanding, fluency or pronunciation has failed me. As a student I worked as a guide in the Cango Caves. I wanted to draw the attention of my first English speaking tour group to a formation behind them and blurted out: “And towards your backside”, which made me the butt of the conversation…

At the Lumbago Alley  I would describe the path and announce: please be very careful and do not bump your heads; this is a national monument – we do not want you to damage the cave! This was normally greeted with some laughter or at least smiles, but a tourist reprimanded me for my apparent unsympathetic stance by informing me coldly that I pronounce Lumbago incorrectly. She was 100% correct; I was pronouncing it in colloquial Abrie. My tour became an international lecture hall, but I had the last laugh – unlike my lecturer I was being paid. The tourists were on vacation and I in turn on a working stay-cation, it being the university break or vacation.

At primary school I regularly read the titles after a movie and observed that movies were made at a certain place while being on vacation. I wondered why it was always made on vacation? Later an older Abrie saw the va of vacation magically changing into lo and realized movies are shot on location and not on vacation. I still sometimes wonder how I managed that delusion.

So Tina I am therefore inspired by this challenge as momentarily I can be a naive child again.  All these photos were shot on vacation and never mind the location. Of course gazillions of tourist videos are also shot while people are on their breaks – PROOF that movies are made on vacation.

My youngest daughter Elrike, pictured above and I went on a father-daughter hike during the December 2018 holidays. She is looking upon the the magnificent Bergrivier (Mountain river) valley. At the end of this valley is the 3rd biggest dam feeding the Cape Peninsula. It has been overflowing for 3 weeks! The dams feeding the Cape Peninsula is now (5 August 2019) at 76.8% of their capacity. Last year at this time it was 56.8% while 2 years ago only 29.2%. We are certainly thankful. Last year I described my emotions in a post Cry the beloved country when I visited the biggest dam (Theewaterskloof) when it was only 13% full.

⇑I certainly spent a lot of time behind my camera on any vacation. Sometimes unsuspectingly the owner of the establishment you are photographing gives you a cold stare without you initially realizing it. Within the entrance hall of this mansion the equine owner was hiding from the rays of the setting sun, but I was being given the eye.⇑

⇓ Initially I did not see the horse but moved along to take a photo at a different angle. Only then I saw it! This is taken with a lens a few hundred meters from there.

I have placed photos before of what came to be known as Toweropstal roughly translated as “Magical Homestead” but not these as they were also taken during the December 2018 vacation (after I put my blog on ice).  Toweropstal became the focus of 2 books written by a community of Afrikaans bloggers about a fictional crime which took place here. Thus it has “spoken”(inspired me to write) in many ways. It has spoken to me again very directly – if not audible then certainly visual. To the left of the window dwarfed by the beautiful tree it told me to be back – back as a blogger.

I still do not know if I’m back – I hope I am.


55 thoughts on “Taking a break or breaking the silence?

  1. OK Abrie, I don’t speak Afrikaans so I don’t know whether the comments above are anywhere close to what I have to say, which is HURRAY, YAHOO, WAZOO – SO GREAT TO SEE YOU 😀. Believe me when I tell you, no one is happier to see you than I am (BTW, loved the mysterious message to you in the horse’s home). Even my husband asked me why he never sees your name on my blog any more – huh, who knew he paid that much attention! Anyway, whether you’re 100% back or maybe you’ll just come and go, I’m always delighted to see your name pop up as I know I’m in for some smiles and a good story. Welcome back – enjoyed your language dissertation. Should have asked the lumbago person how many languages he or she spoke!

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    1. Hi Tina. Upon replacing Trevor Noah as host of The Today Show, you will be one of the first people I interview. Hey I will even throw in a complimentary ticket for your husband to come and watch the recording! Thank you Tina I certainly appreciate your passionate intelligent comment (anybody appreciating my humour must be intelligent 🙂 ). I am thankful that there is a general appreciation for my return to blogging, but it will be a return lite. Not my customary 2 blogs a week. Have a awesome day and please outdo Andy on the golf course.


      1. 😊 return lite is fine with me Abrie, I know you need time to prepare for our interview. In the meanwhile I will be working on my golf game as I have a very long way to go to catch Andy!

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        1. Indeed the research make these jobs less glamorous than they appear except if the research is about you of course.
          I have full confidence you will beat Andy. You have a trick up your sleeve. You can merely walk out the photo of your backyard and play!


  2. Lekker om van jou te hoor. Ek was ook Toweropstal toe maar my fotos lyk nie soos joune nie. En ja… die plek praat met ‘n mens. Kyk ek mis of waar is al die koeie wat daar was?


    1. Hello Kameel. Ek wou probeer om by jou uit te kom maar was op ou end glad nie in Knysna nie. Ek het die foto’s op 24 Desember geneem. Die koeie het seker vir hulle familie gaan kuier of hulle het weggekruip uit vrees dat hulle op die kerstafels se kosbakke gaan beland

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  3. So very happy to have you back, Abrie! Thank you for these beautiful photos and good news regarding the water. The horse capture is so cool, and the “I’m back” on the wall is my favorite! 🙂

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  4. Good to see you, Abrie – you have been sorely missed! Hope you will send us more lovely stories and big smiles again. A message like that on the wall cannot be wrong ;-D

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  5. Hi, Abrie. I am joining the chorus of people who have missed your posts, your sense of humor, your insightful comments….and in short, you! I am hoping that you’re able to come back on a regular basis…no matter what looks like, given your other commitments. As for your shots, the first one is gorgeous. The last two had me smiling. I love the message from the “horse”–of course

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  6. Ag ek het nou lekker liggies gegiggel vir jou delicious engels.. myne is veel erger, el pleeg dit net uit selfverdediging…en jou pragtige fotos wil my na ny verfkwaste laat gryp! Oe daai murasies prrrrraaaaatmet my..xx

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  7. Welcome back, Abrie! Lovely interpretation, humorous and witty, as always. It reminded me of some funny incidents during my first trips to Italy, when I was trying to learn Italian. Let’s just say that now I know “sinistra” means left, not something sinister 😀 . Ah, the fun to be had with foreign languages while on a break… 🙂


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