angling for angles

This week Leya of the esteemed Lens-Artist quartet inspires us not to be be 180 degrees. Mon chère I have listened. What am a saying she is Swedish it should read: Min kära jag har lyssnat.

Three years ago I damaged a tooth irreparably while chewing on a piece of biltong (beef jerky). The dentist decided my jaw is going to break his tools and referred me to a Maxillo-Facial and Oral Surgery Specialist. I sat in his chair while observing the many photos of him practicing the sport of intellectual anglers: fly-fishing. He appeared to be a specialist in that as well.  To brighten up her day, I asked his assistant if the doctor realizes that extracting a tooth is not the same as catching a fish? She looked at me awkwardly and her gaze angled beyond me, where an amused voice replied that it is easier to extract a tooth! What I didn’t realize is that he came in at the back door… For those Afrikaans readers who haven’t yet read the post where I described this day (a comedy of errors), I am reckless enough to proclaim that if you read it and do not smile at least once you can have your money back – thus here is the link: Die dag toe Tertia in a man verander het…

There are those who advise that you should be on your best behavior around those who have the ability to attack you with a chainsaw. Because that is exactly what he did. In one of his fishing tackle boxes the specialist, unlike the dentist, kept a miniature chainsaw which he used to cut up my tooth into small pieces. I know, I am intellectually challenged but at least I am recklessly brave.

Which brings me to other reckless brave people at the mercy of specialists in their field. Similar to me in the chair, the angle of view of these tandem jumpers are limited. Like me they cannot see behind them. They also cannot view the paraglider from above. And they are too nervous to observe the people around them.

Sometimes a spectator’s angle of view is better than the view of the partaker.

A flat angle (now I remember 180 degree angles do not count)


Put some effort into it!

Angling the paraglider towards a right angle

A right angle and rightly the center of attention

A view from the top

Out-viewing the spectators

In the bigger scheme of things the partaker certainly “out-views” the spectator as the partaker is exposed to an angle called experience.

But as partakers in the wonderfully frustrating thing called life, we must at times realize that our limited experience can clutter our view and points of view. Those we deem to be merely spectators may have a better angle on life.

28 thoughts on “angling for angles

  1. Sounds like that may be the last time you eat beef jerky Abrie! What a frightening (but funny in hindsight) story! Loved your parasailing images, Especially the last. I once tried paragliding behind a motorboat which was glorious, but I was younger and braver then!!!


  2. Terrific choices, Abrie! Your word playing and angling works perfectly with the challenge. ;-D But No matter how enticing the partaker angle – I prefer being the spectator! And – I love the tooth story!

    Liked by 1 person

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