Who framed Pieter’s friends?

Amy of the esteemed Lens-Artist quartet ask us to explore frames this week.

The beauty of a painting lies in the artwork itself – the painted canvas. It is however possible for a frame to enhance or diminish the beauty of the artwork. It may sound as if I am describing a principle which can be applied to framing in photography as well. And indeed when it comes to framing in the photography context, the frame in my opinion should be subtle as it is not about the frame but what the frame focuses the attention on.

But no, my introductory remark is not about paintings or photos at all. It is about hairstyles and more specifically my views regarding the hairstyle of a lady. I simply prefer a heavier frame for the feminine form, i.e. a longer hairstyle. This may merely be an over-compensation due to my own spy hairstyle (my hair is under cover). But this was also my view when I was briefly blessed with hair. Classic beauty is enhanced by a longer hairstyle. For those who may become outraged at the moment please return to my introductory sentence: the beauty of a painting lies in the artwork itself – not the frame. Visual beauty (regardless of the frame) may catch the eye, but cannot hold the attention of the eye. Inner beauty is the frame that focuses the attention.

And after these quasi-philosophical abstract remarks my attention and I, drifted off and I am blogging about a concrete physical frame which in my view diminishes the beauty of the photo. It was misty and Table Mountain was not very clear, but to use the artwork analogy it appears to be a watercolour painting. But I pray, why did the artist paint the Giant Yellow Frame. There are in fact 7 of these giant yellow frames scattered about Cape Town, all of them directing your view to Table Mountain.

All these photos were taken 4 years ago on the 13th of June 2015. But hey there is a story to it, see end of the post.

Framed watercolour painting

Frameless watercolour painting

An artistic frame

An artistic frame take 2

Frame upon frame

Who framed Pieter’s friends?

Framing the moment

Five years ago Pieter invited us to his birthday. We were to have a breakfast on the beach prepared by ourselves in a gas skottel braai (I can’t translate that into English). Afterwards we were to go to the nearby African themed Moyo restaurant for coffee and pudding (where we had our faces painted). There was a catch though – part of the invitation was to run the 5km Eden on the Bay Parkrun! We were framed; it was his birthday but we willingly obliged. I wonder how many other birthday parties have occurred in the world where all the invitees(parents and children):

  • ran 5km
  • made their own food on the beach
  • where everybody’s faces were painted
  • and on top of that, were framed!

While I do not think these yellow frames improve a photo, it does give the opportunity for people photos. The special father-daughter moment above would not have occurred if somebody didn’t frame them!

These photos were taken at Blouberg (Eden on the Bay) and the other “Giant yellow frames” are situated at:

  • V&A Waterfront – In front of Victoria and Alfred Hotel
  • V&A Waterfront – Silo District
  • Khayelitsha Lookout Hill
  • Cape Town station
  • Signal Hill
  • District Six

To see photos of these you can access this website: africantraveldesk.com

I have blogged about photos taken at the Victoria and Alfred Hotel viewpoint (although it excluded the frame itself). Coincidently that was when the Kaya, the female lead of the Maze Runner movies, coined my epitaph: “You have a very funny dad” see Surprised and aMAZEd

Referring to the first 2 paragraphs (a new king were to be crowned and Samuel presented David’s big strong brothers to the Lord).

But the Lord said to Samuel, “Do not look at his appearance or at his physical stature, because I have refused him. For the Lord does not see as man sees; for man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.” 1 Samuel 17:7

34 thoughts on “Who framed Pieter’s friends?

  1. I agree Abrie, the frames are great for people but table mountain need nothing at all to improve its grand appearance! As for you, a man with heart is the best any of us can ever hope for – lack of hair notwithstanding

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I listened to a phone in radio show on how to maximise the usage of Table Mountain and a guy phoned in suggesting that it is blown up and changed into parking lot! He is not with us anymore – I took out contract on him…

      Liked by 1 person

  2. “…what the frame focuses the attention on” and ” Inner beauty is frame that focuses the attention”– very well said about frame.
    Times may have changed, but stories will always remain in this giant yellow frame and the sweet memories will always be in everyone’s heart.
    Abrie, Thank you so much for sharing the laughter and happy moments you had with your dear friends and family! A very beautiful “frame the moment” post, I love it!


    1. Thank you Amy; to be honest I was a bit lazy to go and search for the photos where I specifically used framing techniques. But it did give me the opportunity to dabble in some framing philosophy.


  3. A skottel braai is a skottel braai – cannot be anything else! What an adventurous outing that proved to be – small wonder everyone looks in such high spirits and … a framed Table Mountain brings to mind that lovely cowboy song, “Don’t fence me in”:
    Oh, give me land, lots of land under starry skies above
    Don’t fence me in
    Let me ride through the wide open country that I love
    Don’t fence me in…

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  4. This is truly a unique birthday party idea- oh my goodness was it a great idea – and glad to have shared some of it via your post
    and nice to have you back online amigo
    peace and god bless


  5. Love you, Abrie – your mind works in mystical ways…and smiles are never far away! The yellow frame is extremely ugly, but your reflections on it and your lovely friends make it shine. Thank you for sharing party ideas – they are really great as well!
    I always look at the heart, but let’s face it (;-D) , the first thing you see will always be the outward appearance. And my daughter has once more let her lovely hair grow long – I love it.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Tell your daughter she has my full support in enhancing the work of art, with a heavier frame 🙂
    Yes my mind is mystical and my mother even believed it was amazing (when it functions, which isn’t often!).


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