A hairy take on Rugby World Cup 2019

On Friday as part of the gees vang ( psyching up) for the Rugby World Cup final, I sent  an email to our company under the following heading:

“Some inspiration for tomorrow and maybe even a smile – top hairstyles of the Rugby World Cup 2019 – we have already won”

And the following disclaimer:

“Apart from the Wishful thinking category this is not my creation, it was taken from a  video on the official site”.

And nominated in the Wishful thinking category:

selfie @ Abrie’s phone

But the actual nomination in the DreadlockS category is:

Nominated in the Top Knot category:

Nominated in the Mohican category:

Nominated in the Mullet category:

But the undisputed winner is prince Charming

who kicks everything away except his hairbrush

The Golden Mane


And the Springboks did go emphatically and gloriously so, scoring 2 tries and winning 32 – 12. In the long term this means lot for the psyche and relationships of our nation. And yes in the short term inspires a lot of silly rugby memes.

Prince Harry of England came to congratulate the Springbok team in their dressing room and he said he can’t think of any nation it will currently mean more than for South Africa.  Thanks prince appreciate those words. And you are certainly right. Flags have sprung up everywhere; these two perched on top of a crane, I photographed yesterday.


24 thoughts on “A hairy take on Rugby World Cup 2019

  1. En die prys gaan aan Abrie vir sy selfie! Ek het my ook so ‘n bietjie verwonder aan die haarstyle. Maar nie te veel nie, want dit was kookwater rugby. En ek is nie eens ‘n vreeslike rugby fan nie. En Faffie se blonde maanhare was oral op die veld – soveel konsentrasie, energie en ball sense het ek lanklaas gesien. Dis net wat hierdie arme stukkende land nodig gehad het.

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  2. Ek is natuurlik mal oor Faf se hare… weet nie hoekom mans hulle hare nie almal laat groei nie. Jy lyk cute 😊 Ek is ook nie ‘n rugby fan nie, maar moet sê dit was ‘n puik spel… en ek is bly die ingelse is op hulle plek gesit.

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