Patterns of the heart

Mystery woman of numerous names Leya and member of the  esteemed Lens-Artists quartet inspires us to share: your interpretation of patterns— open your eyes and find new ones! In your own home, outdoors, man made or natural… Use your curiosity and creativity! Leya please add: your daughter’s curiosity and creativity, as that is what I am doing. I … Lees verder Patterns of the heart


This week Patti of the famed Lens-Artists quartet shows us a beautiful photo of the interior of the Notre Dame cathedral and urges us to share our interpretation of blue –the colo(u)r, the mood, or the time of day! Me and you are subject to the blues now and then But when you take the … Lees verder Bluetiful?

aCHOIRing coolness

Leya of the Lens-Artists photo challenge asks “how you would capture cooling in a photograph? Is it an image showing a much-needed, cooling swim? Or is it maybe a giant ice-cream on the beach, or a dog in a bucket of water in your back yard?” ⇓My daughter recently flew the coup for a week and took this … Lees verder aCHOIRing coolness