Windows @ work

This week Leya of the esteemed Lens-Artist quartet is allowing us mere mortals a window of opportunity to be peers and peer through each others’ windows.

About 27 years ago while taking a suburban train into Cape Town, I had a short lived conversation with somebody sitting across me. He was holding a thick manual and told me he has to study. For a moment I ignored his conversation ending remark and asked him what he is studying. He said windows and stared intently at the book. As I eventually got the message, I decided to study the train windows (2 of us can play this game…). But my concept of studying windows bothered me. I was thinking building industry and wondered what exactly he is studying about it. Is it to to install different types of windows in different buildings? No, I was wise enough not to ask him… While he studied the inside of his manual I studied the cover and the word Microsoft was quite prominently displayed.

If you are viewing this via a PC, chances are the operating system is Windows, as in the corporate world it is indeed installed in many buildings.  Use Windows or your fruit (Tina) and go and look at Leya’s soulful and beautiful windows.

I stare at the windows on computer screens daily but often the real window beside me offer better views. These are a few views through my window and other windows @ work.

Is it at this end?

Or is the pot of gold at this end?

As the company I work for is in the Financial Services industry, it is good to see that we are at least in the vicinity of a pot of gold.

improving the view

There are times when my work as viewed via the Windows product set, is frustrating and I would prefer that the object of my work is real windows (as I would imagine I’m climbing the great peaks of the world).

The 3 photos above was taken with my Sony mobile. I was fortunate to have my camera at work when these doves decided to become love birds

Dove love

peekaboo I see you

I was asked to photograph the 67 minutes for Mandela  activities at our work.  Prepared food was donated to a school, hence the presence of my camera regarding the doves. The windows provided enough light so that no humans were injured in the process. The light also reflected effectively from the ivory. Apologies, these ladies are not elephants – it captivatingly reflected off the part of their bodies made of enamel.

smile a while

Job satisfaction

a window to mathematics


43 thoughts on “Windows @ work

  1. Lovely rainbows from your window…and what things you can capture if you bring your camera to your job place…Happy girls everywhere and loving doves? I love the window cleaner as well!

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    1. Tina thanks for the cryptic clue which offered me the opportunity to interpret. I assume jot is lot and that it means you smile a lot when reading my posts. The birds certainly weren’t fighting. There was a bit of ethical interplay between the left and right side of my brain asking if it is proper of me to capture their special moments, but they seemed not to mind.
      Tina Schell, published author extraordinaire do not need me to make her famous. It is a selfish attempt to be associated with her!!

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    1. Hello Sonel, goed om jou hier te sien – ek onderneem dat jy my ook by jou sal sien. Eh het Tina in die kommentaar hierbo bedank vir die kriptiese leidraad (na aanleiding van tikfoute) wat sy gelaat het wat dan ek ek interpreteer. Ek is egter bevrees dat ek sukkel om jou opmerking te interpreteer. Hierdie is natuurlik ‘n tragiese opmerking wat moontlik my oppervlakkigheid uitwys en my skrywe daarmee saam veroppervlakkig (as daar so woord is). Maar help my asb, wat sien jy wat jou die opmerking laat maak? Of verwys jy daarna dat ek dinge raaksien bo en behalwe die gewone of dt dalk (soos ek al gemaak het) dat die regte kommentaar by die verkeerde blog beland het 🙂 Lekker dag (daardie groet het in die verkeerde tyd van die dag beland).

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      1. Hallo daar! Jammer ek antwoord jou nou eers. 🙂

        Ek het bedoel dat wanneer ons deur die vensters van ons oë na die lewe kyk moet ons onself gereeld vra: “Wat sien jy?” M.a.w. Na watter kant van die lewe kyk jy? Die positief of die negatief.

        Dit is die boodskap wat ek deur jou blog gekry het. 😁

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