I’ll rather be Rathering

According to the Abrie Joubert Definitive Dictionary of Dubious Denotation (DDDD), the word rathering is a noun denoting groups of words which are: acronym-ish (not the first letter of each word) Scrabble-ish (in the vertical columns, only the mutual word is a recognized word) and refer to an alternative to the current reality As per the example underneath … Lees meer I’ll rather be Rathering

New worlds Eugene

“All acquaintances recall him as one of the most consummate story-tellers of his time and place, but the mightiest of witnesses were the children at his feet, listening with long-held breath to his stories of bush and veld and dusty roads where mambas slink. The dark would come on. He would rise and go home, … Lees meer New worlds Eugene

An unrecognizable Face

This week’s WordPress photo challenge wants us to ‘Create an image that represents being “a face in the crowd.” …. As you hide the defining characteristics of your model…’ Erica states. Portrait photography isn’t really my thing. I suppose it is a growth opportunity to use corporate speak, but not a natural interest. A colleague … Lees meer An unrecognizable Face