A series of quiet moments

This week Patti of the esteemed lens-artist quartet invites us to share  a quiet moment as many of us have rediscovered the value (and necessity) of finding quiet moments during the day to reflect or recharge. 

I must admit initially nothing jumped up at me to post. It sounded like quite a philosophical topic and I thought to myself that I am not in a mood to think! At the time it didn’t occur to me if I do not want to think while posting I contradict myself, as the title of my blog translated from Afrikaans means Abrie thinks aloud… But it could also have been called Abrie laughs aloud or Abrie clicks aloud (the button of his camera).   Thus not an intellectual platform (not of the ilk of Rodin’s thinker), but in the process Abrie does wonder, think, smile and may even become emotional, aloud.

Fortunately I have been true to the name as I had to think about this introduction and can now relax and write variations of balderdash, baloney and gobbledygook!

This past Saturday I went on a solitary hike 🙂 . The weather wasn’t perfect and I could not see the destination due to mist. I remarked to a friend via a text message that even if you cannot see your goal you needn’t be aimless.  Having hiked this path before the weather didn’t deter me. Due to the inclement weather it made the mountain bigger by decreasing the amount of hikers. On Saturday this suited me just fine.

Unsighted adrenaline

Solitary bee rolling in the snow. Beautiful snow white protea

Mystical mist covered paths

We are not grey

In the company of mountain reservoirs built 120 years ago

Maclear’s beacon – highest point on Table Mountain – the first time I am here alone

Walking solitary in nature is almost like a pilgrimage.  You spent time with your own thoughts. What bothers you or what invigorates you. The things which bothered me was soon forgotten.

“Be still and know that I am God.” (Psalm 46:10)

44 thoughts on “A series of quiet moments

  1. So glad you were able to put your hike to good use Abrie! Did you hike from the very bottom to the very top???? We took a tram to the top when we were there. It would be quite a difficult hike I should think! Your images are lovely, especially the paths and the fog.

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    1. Hi Tina yes from the very bottom to the top. Fom there I went to the other side op Table Mountain where Maclears Beacon is and down to the lower table where the dams are and down Kasteelpoort on the Campsbay side. A distance of 25km (15miles)


      1. On the first photo you can see the suspended cables of what you call a tram (and we call a cable car. It is currently still not operating due to social distance requirements.. You can relive your Table Mountain experience via this post which while in Afrikaans contains very understandable photos of Cape Town taken from the mountain including the tram going over our heads while climbing up


        1. I was actually searching for a ledge I hiked 10 year ago (known as Right face arrow face traverse) and came upon mountain climbers with all the gear going up a rock face and asked them if it was Africa ledge. That inspired a rebuke from them (rightly so I suppose) that shouldn’t on paths I don no properly know in the mist. As I wasn’t on Africa ledge I turned back to the paths properly known to me…


  2. Fabulous photos, Abrie. I love the ones of the yellow flowers and the path in the mist. But the bee is a show-stopper. And what do you know? You shared a little philosophy too! I love it!😊😊

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  3. It was fun to learn the meaning of your blog title. I’m sure you shared that in the past on a post I’ve never seen. Thanks for sharing it again. I love the fog and the leading lines you captured in your photos! So inviting. I agree with you a walk alone in nature is a great way to clear one’s thoughts.

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