I believe I can fly

…and the laws of physics do not apply This week’s WordPress weekly photo challenge is ascend – need I say more? See commentary under and in-between photos. Action from the final leg of the World Rallycross Championship held at Killarney, Cape Town. It must be inherited or in the blood.  But the mere sight of … Lees meer I believe I can fly

Ek word oorgedoen

To access the WordPress photo challenges (which are in English) click here To access my other English posts not related to WPC click here The post underneath is in my home language Afrikaans Na aanleiding van Hester se eier lêery uitdaging, dat mens net eenkeer lewe. Daar is ‘n avontuurlus in my maar as ek my avontuurlus … Lees meer Ek word oorgedoen

A subjective and experimental observance of a lunar object

Before continuing I need to translate the above to the truthful meaning:   Abrie playing with moon images I do believe that the word experimental is sometimes used to to justify a non-professional activity called playing. An experimental activity just carries more weight than a playful activity. I admit, but only this once (and please … Lees meer A subjective and experimental observance of a lunar object