an unusual occurrence in corporate governance

A riddle:  what does a red arrow on a white background indicate?

Now there are those of you who may be of the opinion that it is easy and indicates danger due to a sharp turn – well you are not quite right, as the correct answer is: DANGER – Senior Management working…  Some may want to add that’s unusual or for a change but our company would not be were it was, if senior management only excelled at cleaning up pavements. Our offices are in a modern and high rated “green” building. Problem is that there is a lot of unwanted greenery on the pavements next to the municipal road and it simply doesn’t create a good feeling driving “through the weeds” to our building – not for us and certainly not for our clients. Unfortunately the municipality’s senior management team did not see there way open to come and clean it up (and apparently were unable to delegate the task to the appropriate teams). Thus the decision was made that Glacier’s management team would do them a favour.

⇓Here among others, the IT director and Finance director can be seen not focusing on profit and IT infrastructure⇓

⇓The chevrons may also indicate the presence of hard working walking models and we all know runways are dangerous if strewn with weeds⇓

⇓But then again a chevron sign does indicate danger. Watch out Sales director you are about to walk into a pole!!!⇓

⇓After the weeding the result was put in waste bags as per the Client Services director⇓

⇓And then the sweepers swept the area for mines. Very dangerous activity done with very unusual tools as can be seen. Pictured the Call Center manager and the Human Resources director. 

⇓By the way she also swept up the award as South Africa’s top business woman(corporate) in 2015. I certainly has a bit to learn regarding photography as she really doesn’t look this stunning in my photo… ? ⇓⇓Seems as if the Product Development Head does not quite understand the workings of a weed-eater (somewhat disconcerting). No it is not a power lifting tool or motorbike. But the foreman (C.E.O.) in his yellow attire sorted him out quickly⇓

⇓Cleaning the pavement wasn’t simply a window dressing exercise.  The photo above was taken where the road curves to the left and the chevrons can be seen at the bottom left of the photo underneath. Removing all the weeds was hard work and as the photo shows it was done properly. It also reflects the culture of the company. Not even the CEO has his own office  – everything is open plan. No pompous individualism. An unusual company.⇓

While the pavement cleansing was happening, a sniper gave cover from the roof of the building and took a quite a few shots in protecting them (or is that in blackmailing them?)

Regardless it was a very unusual Friday afternoon. Greetings  from a part time photographer (and sniper) and thanks to Wood Dragon for suggesting the topic.  I am also happy to add that this year Cape Town City has come to the party and the pavements are neat without any contribution from us.

But just in case we now have some insurance if need be. A colleague of mine is up-scaling and becoming a legal adviser at said municipality. Naturally we well have to make use of the relationship building process to access and get results from the municipality in future. No pressure…

22 thoughts on “an unusual occurrence in corporate governance

    1. Ja ons werk eerlikwaar nie met ‘n ethos van selfverheerliking of “die skoonmaker kan skoonmaak as ek iets gemors het nie”. Teoreties is die skonmaker se tyd goedkoper, maar dit skep ‘n verwronge kultuur


    1. Dankie Una, ja daar sal altyd “pockets of excellence” oorbly. Die uitdaging is egter om die pockets meer en groter te maak en sodat hulle oorvleuel totdat ‘n eenheid gevorm word. Ons moet maar die pocket aartappels plant dat dit vermenigvuldig.

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  1. I must admit Abrie, I forgot who’s blog I was reading as I was enjoying this one. I laughed several times and loved the idea of the whole company pitching in. And then, of course, as I finished I saw it was you and was no longer surprised at how much I enjoyed it! Well done as always (and I loved the portrait of the 2015 winner!)

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    1. WOW (again) thank you Tina. Sometimes we are influenced by the individual and then look at things differently, Thus I escpecially enjoy your remark. When I look at your blogs I already wear the brilliant and excellent glasses…


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