Fencing in Fun

In a post littered with fences Leya of the intriguing Lens-Artist quartet urges us to show us your favorite fence. Or, maybe you prefer fencelessness? Looking forward to your ideas and posts!

Although I only “know” Leya for little over 2 months I am quite sure she knows me well enough to realize I am not a rude person. Littered in the context refers to a lot of fences and they are beautifully captured in amongst other places, her Scandinavian world: go see.

Philosophically I just do not like fences. I do not want to be fenced in, I do not like cookie cutter outlooks on life, yet I eat cookies shaped by cutters. Life are full of these apparent contradictions. My dislike for fences does not mean I have a mindset that everything is acceptable. In reality life isn’t without fences be it psychological or physical. Some physical fences are essential for harmony so that my cow doesn’t eat your cow’s grass. Other physical fences (walls), is unacceptable if it divides people groups on the basis of political bias i.e. the Berlin wall. Yet a lot of people will give inspired reasons why this is not the case. I disagree, but it is not the purpose of this post.

“By fencing in the subject, a photographer sets the subject free” Anonymous

Creative people like photographers do not like psychological fences. Yet we erect fences everytime we push the button. We fence it 3×2 or 4×3 or 10×8 or randomly. Some are professional “fencers” and some wish we were. In the case of the Napalm girl, Vietnam and Hector Pieterson from the Soweto uprising in South Africa, the lens became swords, like the swords of fencers pointing out injustice.

The purpose of this heavy sounding post is ironically to show you some Fun!! Even if this fun is dependant on fences in all its forms.


Without the “fence” from which the balls can bounce this game would have been senseless and fenceless. The bitter but pleasurable taste of the beer would have been unattainable, without its transparent cover and a take-away pizza just needs to be boxed in – at a good friends home

Fiery fun friendship

Not squashed in

⇑I play squash twice a week against these 2 friends. The game of squash even more than pool is dependant on its fences. But not the whole fence is used. For this reason a secondary set of fences is painted onto the primary fence, having the same power as the physical wall. You can ignore it but then you are not playing squash. The fence (in is traditional meaning) even helps the referee not to fall out of his cage. Some believe a squash court to a be torture chamber. Certainly not. It is one of the few places you can punch stress with all your power right in the face – now that is fun!

⇓Two identical, parallel white lines. Should somebody in the blue team cross the first line and dot down the ball, elation to their supporters. Should a player with the ball in the blue team touch the identical second line, relieve to the orange team’s supporters.

Into the oven. Stormers vs Cheetahs

Parallel bliss

⇑Two non-identical, non-abstract, but parallel lines – also known as fences…
• Breach the one you are wet
• Breach the other you are dead
Woodhead dam wall, completed in 1897. Yes 121 years ago and still actively delivering water to Cape Town.

⇓A different day, same dam. In the absence of the fence I wouldn’t allow my daughter and her friend to stand here. And that wouldn’t be fun.

Fun enabler

⇑Similarly this viewing platform enable tourists to experience the sheer drop underneath, safely behind a protecting fence. They are enjoying the beautiful view from Table Mountain towards Lion’s Head and Robben Island (where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned).

⇓But it does not beat the real experience of fencelessness, Leya. On Knife Edge climbing towards Devil’s peak. My boot on the Knife’s Edge.


“Fences are made for those who cannot fly.” Elbert Hubbard

I admit I stole this quote from Tina Schell. This juvenile Sun-bird proves the point. Is is merely misusing this fence to sit on. As can be seen by the wet spot, it is also using it to uhm sit on…?

Faith is seen by many as something which fences you in, yet I believe the God of the faith (and not the faith itself) sets you free. My faith is merely an enabler of what Christ has already done. He has removed the fence between me and Him and enables me to remove psychological fences between me and others – these fences can be stronger and higher than those built of brick and mortar.

For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God – not by works, so that no one can boast. Ephesians 2: 8,9

37 thoughts on “Fencing in Fun

  1. The song “Don’t fence me in” comes to mind as does Robert Frost’s poem “Mending Wall”. This is a lovely take on the theme – surely original from start to finish!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Anne. Previously I have not read the poem but have now. Indeed it is quite an apt reference as they reflect on “liberal” and “conservative” views regarding fences. As for the song also a first for me (and while listening I couldn’t help thinking of the land without compensation debate)!!


  2. Jy het omtrent gefilosofeer oor drade. Ek dink nou sommer oor grense. Al wil ons nie altyd grense hê nie, is dit nodig. Die vraag is altyd: te veel, te min, nodig, of nie?


    1. Ja daardie vraag het nie ‘n eenvoudige antwoord nie. In my opinie kan moet kinderopvoeding ook by die debat ingevoeg word. In my opinie is grense juisdaar nodig – voor die afgronde. Maar ja of dit ‘n stippellyn of ‘n muur moet wees is nie aldag so duidellik nie ook in ons eie lewens

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  3. Grense, lyne, drade, mure. En dan hekke, brûe, vensters. Eintlik kan enige-iets ‘n hindernis (grens) of ‘n oorbrugging van ‘n grens wees.
    Lekker tema en jy het dit baie oorspronklik benader


  4. Dis ‘n baie mooi pos Abrie. Ek moet sê, ek het daai skrumfoto so bekkyk, omgedraai en van bo af bekyk, maar ek verstaan nog steeds niks – my kop wil nie weet van rugby nie.


  5. Lovely and thoughtful take, Abrie. As always your posts are surprising and interesting. • Breach the one; you are wet • Breach the other you are dead. Mmm, great.


    1. As inspired by you Leya. It is interesting how the human brain works. The wet and dead statements just sprang into my brain ( I didn’t think it up, it just happened). But the thought processes about fences gave it the agility to jump.

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  6. Sjoe jy kan ‘n ding van vele kante af beskou en beskryf. Goed gedoen Abrie!!!
    Dankie vir daardie grenslyn tussen God en ons wat daar nie meer is nie!!!


    1. Baie dankie Kameel ja daardie grenslyn is nogal belangrik. Nee andersom. Dit is belangrik dat daardie grenslyn nie daar is nie. Na Christus se opstanding is dit inderdaad weg. Dit feit dat dit weg is word nie noodwendig raakgesien nie.

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  7. I like how you start with the fun fence. 🙂 “Into the Oven” is pretty serious… The Woodhead dam wall is awesome, 121 year old. And, the Table Mountain… fence there is just too scary.
    I love this cool series, Abrie!! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Shelley. I had to “create” fences to make post possible as I tought I didn’t have photos of fences of course afterwards all my fence photos sprang to mind, but then if I used it I didn’t write the post in this way.


  8. You have many good points here. I don’t like fences either…nothing compares to the feeling of a wide open space, without human structures in sight. BUT I still want to fence in my garden, and keep the harvest I’m working so hard for. I also want to fence out cities, LOL, that might sound weird, but in Nevada there’s plenty of wild horses killed in traffic every year. As the developments are creeping into their habitats, they end up on highways, get killed, and kill people in accidents. Fences becomes a slightly challenging issue at times. Great post!


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