opposing democracy – democratizing opponents

I discovered  the Weekly photo challenge last week. I experience it almost nostalgic. As an adult I have the opportunity to open a lucky packet of ideas and can surprise myself with the photos I am to place each week 🙂

Lat week I featured animals in the iconic Kruger National Park with my contribution An inconvenient partnership. This week with the theme being opposites, two other  icons of South African history can be seen. At one stage they also formed such an inconvenient partnership as they are literally opposite each other with Company Gardens, from where I took the photos, being the neutral ground.


The Parliament building, Cape Town.  Republic of South Africa

In itself the South African Parliament certainly delivers enough opposing characteristics. This is the place where Hendrik Verwoerd institutionalized apartheid in the sixties. This is the place where Nelson Mandela led the nation into celebration by instituting democracy in 1994. From a structural and photographic viewpoint opposites are abundant. Light and dark paint; rounded pillars contrasted by rectangular doors and windows. Half of the building is shaded and the other half is enjoying the sun. And it is framed by the dark leaves of a tree and a modern building to the right.

The photo underneath is St. Georges Cathedral opposite parliament, from where Arch bishop Desmond Tutu led a revolt against apartheid, which earned him the Nobel Peace prize, which was also later awarded to Nelson Mandela and F.W. de Klerk. Here the darker building is also framed by branches but they are jubilant in the sun’s rays.

St Georges Cathedral

12 thoughts on “opposing democracy – democratizing opponents

  1. Thank you very much and I appreciate you comment from almost across the world!! There are actually a lot of other opposites in the Company garden like the different colonial statues and people from Africa and the world mulling about them


  2. Beautiful architecture and the story of the building is even more impressive. This is a comforting post to read today – there is a big march of 20,000 plus people in London, It sounds like it will be peaceful and the energy of everyone having their voice heard is inspiring. It’s just unclear what’s around the corner ! Wishing you a lovely weekend.

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